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Welcome, Medaille Mavericks

Continue your passions and interests at NU

At Niagara University, we understand that it’s been an emotional rollercoaster with the heartbreaking announcement of Medaille University closing. We are here to help make this challenging transition as easy as possible for you. Niagara’s partnership with Medaille University for a Teach-Out agreement allows Medaille’s undergraduate and graduate students to stay on track with their academic path, graduate from Niagara University, and begin your career as you planned.

NU will help you continue to succeed and have incredible experiences. Our university has similar qualities to Medaille, like small class size and campus, and we believe you will fit right in.

What are you looking for?

  • Credits and Outstanding Academic: With our Teach-Out agreement and 80+ majors, NU will ensure that all of your credits transfer and our academic departments will provide one-on-one advisement to ensure you register for the classes you need to finish your degree.
  • Affordability: NU will work with you to obtain a similar net cost for tuition and mandatory fees compared to what you were already committed to at Medaille for the 2023-24 academic year.
  • Small Class Size: With personalized attention, NU’s dedicated team of professors and caring staff will provide you an opportunity to shine.
  • Small Campus: We welcome you to our quiet, beautiful small campus where you will have a sense of belonging. NU is all about community and service – we offer you a chance to find your purpose as you explore your interests.
  • Experiences: You will be amazed by the countless hands-on internship and field experiences offered, as we have relationships with numerous local and national businesses that are exclusive to NU.
  • Social Activities: We have something for everyone with our 100+ clubs and organizations, plus NCAA Division I Sports Teams. 

We are ready to welcome Medaille’s Mavericks to campus and empower you with confidence, clarity, and a heightened sense of purpose as you soar into your future as a Purple Eagle.

Limited Say Yes scholarships available.  Please contact the undergraduate admissions office for more information.

All Medaille students in good academic standing will be granted admission to NU, have all credits transferred, and your net cost for tuition and mandatory fees will be similar (or better) compared to what you were expecting to pay when enrolled at Medaille for the 2023-24 academic year.

Next Steps

Step 1: Generate NU ID

Step 1: Generate NU ID

Complete the NU application so we can generate a Niagara University ID number for you.

No additional materials are required. Please make sure to select Medaille as your Transfer Institution.

The process should take no more than 15-20 minutes.

Step 2: FASFA

Step 2: FASFA

Add Niagara University to your FASFA.

Code is 002788

Step 3: Get in Touch!

Step 3: Get in Touch!

Undergraduate Admissions
Emily Buell: 716.286.8712 or 716.260.3602 (text)
Mark Wojnowski: 716.286.8718

Graduate Business
Ann Rensel: 716.286.8312

Graduate Education/Clinical Mental Health Counseling/Literacy Instruction/Special Ed
Evan Pierce or Therese Losardo: 716.286.8511 |

Niagara Events for Medaille Students 

Medaille Day for Freshman Students on June 15, at 4 p.m.

Medaille Day for Freshman Students on June 15, at 4 p.m.

We're inviting incoming freshman and their families from Medaille University to experience The Power of Niagara at this focused event for fall 2023 students.

Medaille MBA and Business Graduate Students Virtual Information Sessions

Medaille MBA and Business Graduate Students Virtual Information Sessions

Niagara University is offering virtual information sessions to provide guidance to Medaille students who are interested in transferring into one of the MBA or Graduate Business programs.

Virtual Sessions
Thursday, June 1, 6-7:30 p.m.
Thursday, June 8, 6-7:30 p.m.
Thursday, June 15, 6-7:30 p.m.

Graduate Literacy & Special Education Virtual Information Session Wednesday, June 14, at 4 p.m.

Graduate Literacy & Special Education Virtual Information Session Wednesday, June 14, at 4 p.m.

Graduate students are invited to join us for this information session which will provide guidance to Medaille students who are interested in transferring to Niagara University's Literary & Special Education .

RSVP for a Daily Tour

RSVP for a Daily Tour

Meet with admissions and get a personalized tour of Niagara with our student tour guides.

Undergraduate Students

Wojnowski, Mark

Mark Wojnowski

Director of Transfer Admissions
P: 716.286.8700
Email Mark

Emily Buell

Emily Buell

Associate Director of Admissions
P: 716.286.8712
Email Emily

As part of the Teach Out agreement between Niagara University and Medaille University, we will work to match all institutional financial aid you currently receive from Medaille.

This means it will never cost you more to earn your degree at Niagara University than you paid at Medaille - and it's possible that your net cost of attendance could be less.

Undergraduate (based on your high school transcript)

AwardAward Amount
Trustees' Scholarship $24,000 per year
Presidential Scholarship $21,000 per year
Deans' Scholarship $18,000 per year
Achievement Award $16,000 per year
NU Grant $12,000 per year


Transfer (Based on your college GPA)

AwardGPAAward Amount
Transfer Scholarship 3.7 and above $20,000 per year
Transfer Scholarship 3.40 - 3.69 $18,000 per year
Transfer Scholarship 3.10 - 3.39 $17,000 per year
Transfer Award 2.80 - 3.09 $15,000 per year
Transfer Award 2.50 - 2.79 $13,000 per year

Admitted students are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships, each renewable up to three years.

Associate Degrees

Medaille ProgramProgram AwardNiagara Equivalent Program
Business AS Business, AAS
General Studies AS General Studies, AA
Liberal Studies AS General Studies, AA

Bachelor Degrees

Medaille ProgramProgram AwardNiagara Equivalent
Pre-Law (With UB) 3+3 Pre-Law Program
Accounting Management BS Accounting, BBA
Adolescent Education and Students with Disabilities BS Adolescence Education (Grade 7 -12), BA
Special Education and Adolescence, BA
Middle Childhood and Adolescence Education (Grade 5 - 12), BA
Applied Mathematics BS Mathematics, BA/BS
Biology BA

Biology, BS
Biotechnology, BS
Life Science, BS
Environmental Science, BS

Business Administration BBA Integrated Management, BS
Business Administration BS Integrated Management, BS
Business Administration - MIS BS Computer and Information Sciences, BS
Communications BS Communications and Media Studies, BA
Criminal Justice BS Criminal Justice and Criminology, BS
Early Childhood & Childhood Education: Birth - Grade 6 BS Early Childhood and Childhood Education (Birth - Grade 6)
English BA English, BA
General Studies BS Liberal Arts, BA
International Studies BA International Studies, BA
Liberal Studies BS Liberal Arts, BA
Mathematics BS Mathematics, BA/BS
Psychology BS Psychology, BA/BS
Sport Management BPS Sport Management, BS
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Niagara University Graduates
Niagara Student and Monte Eagle

Graduate Students

Contact by Email

  • Master of Science in Accounting/Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
    Dr. Ann Rensel

  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling/Literacy Instruction/Special Education
    Evan Pierce

  • Graduate Education/Teacher Education
    Therese Losardo

Niagara University currently offers more than 60 different assistantships, scholarships, and awards opportunities for well-qualified, matriculated Niagara University graduate students in one of NU’s graduate degree programs. Graduate positions give students the opportunity to become engaged in the campus community, to contribute to an individual office, and to develop personally and professionally while pursuing an advanced degree. Opportunities for Niagara University graduate students may include paid positions, stipends or scholarships.

How to Apply

Applications will continue to be accepted until all positions are filled. Many positions require an interview. Interviews are scheduled by the departments offering the position.

  • Graduate Assistantship are decided in May and June
  • Scholarships applications must be submitted by June 17, 2023.  Decisions will be made in early July

Apply for GA & Scholarships

Niagara Equivalent
Accounting Management MS

Master of Science in Accounting
Dr. Ann Rensel

Adolescent Education MSED

Teacher Education
Therese Losardo

Special Education (Grade 1-6 and 7-12)
Evan Pierce

Business Administration MBA

Masters of Business Administration, MBA
Dr. Ann Rensel

Clinical Mental
Health Counseling
Advanced Certificate

Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MS
Evan Pierce

Education (Non-certification) MSED

Teacher Education
Therese Losardo

Elementary Education MSED,
Advanced Certificate

Early Childhood and Special Education, M.S.Ed
Evan Pierce

Literacy Certification,
Birth- 6 /5-12
Advanced Certificate

Literacy Instruction
Evan Pierce

College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Student photo
NU Students in Radio Room
Students pose with Niagara Flag
Niagara University Grad Student Smiles on Campus
Group of Students in Cap and Gown


We will work with you to achieve a similar net cost for tuition and mandatory fees compared to what you were expecting to pay when enrolled at Medaille for the 2023-24 academic year.

Our Financial Aid team will work with you to determine the best financial aid package based on comparing your current Medaille package with our Niagara University package.

We’re a HEOP school under our Niagara University Opportunity Program (NUOP) banner. We will receive your application and work with you on your financial aid options to maximize the amount of gift aid available to you. For additional information about the NUOP Program, contact Tia Jackson, Director of NUOP, at 716.286.8064 or via email.

Niagara is proud to offer many accommodations for our students. For more information on the accommodations you can expect at Niagara, visit

We are rolling admissions, but encourage you to complete the transfer application process as soon as possible so we can get you a financial aid package and registered for classes in a timely manner.

Niagara University will accept all earned credit, inclusive of those credits earned at Medaille University and those credits awarded by Medaille University based on Medaille University’s completed evaluation of applicable credit.

Niagara University has several accelerated and 4+1/4+2 master's degree programs that allow undergraduate students to take graduate-level courses that count toward both their bachelor's and master's degrees. It allows undergraduate students an easier transition, shorter timeframe, lower costs, and increased marketability when they're ready to enter the workforce.

Accelerated Learning Program

Niagara offers 18 Division I athletic teams for men and women, as well as multiple club sports. To determine eligibility contact Susan Petronsky, Associate Director of Compliance Facilities, at 716.286.8781 or via email

Purple Eagles

Once you have decided to attend NU, your advisor will reach out to advise and register you for the upcoming semester.

Course Offerings


About 73% of Niagara University students live on campus. It's a chance for you to make deeper social connections, participate in student events and organizations, and make long-lasting friendships. There are more flexible and affordable options than ever to live in our high-rise, corridor, or apartment-style dorms. Visit our residence page to learn more about your options. Indicate you would like to stay in on-campus housing when completing the application form. Contact Kim Fenton at 716.286.8566 with any questions.

Residence Life

We give priority to seniors to complete their coursework on time.

Niagara University has multiple options to visit, either in-person or online. Head over to our Visit page to schedule a daily tour appointment, register for an admissions event, or engage in a virtual tour through our YouVisit option.

Visit Niagara

  • Graduate Business Students
    Students with questions about the Master of Science in Accounting or Masters of Business Administration (MBA), should contact Dr. Ann Rensel at 716.286.8312 or via email.

  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling/Literacy Instruction/Special Education
    Evan Pierce

  • Graduate Education/Teacher Education
    Therese Losardo

  • Undergraduate Students
    Undergraduate Students should contact Mark Wojnowski at 716.286.8700 or via email.

  • Residence Life (On-campus Housing)
    Rosanna Macri

  • Niagara University Opportunity Program (NUOP/HEOP)
    Tia Jackson

NU is offering the same merit scholarships to international students as our domestic students. For any further questions about transferring as an international, please contact Rafael Freitas

As is standard practice for institutions included in teach-out agreements, Niagara has agreed to waive our residency requirement for any freshmen and sophomore Medaille students transferring to NU. While we certainly hope that you will choose to enjoy the residential experience, we want to make the process as barrier-free as possible.

You will need to inform your current school that you intend to transfer your SEVIS record to Niagara University for fall 2023 before you depart the US (if applicable).  Please download this transfer form and complete section 1, then send this to your current school to complete section 2.  Note, the current school should not transfer your SEVIS record until you have been officially accepted to Niagara. 

Please visit to be taken to the online application where you will be able to complete the I-20 application form and upload the required supporting documents.

In order to have an application reviewed, you must do the following:

  1. Complete the online form
  2. Upload a scanned copy of your passport ID page
  3. Upload proof of financial eligibility (more information included in the I-20 form under “showing financial capability for the I-20")

If you have any questions while completing the application, please do not hesitate to contact Sarina Beccari, SEVIS coordinator, at