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Niagara Notes

random picture of students or building on the NU Campus

Inspire Future Purple Eagles with Niagara Notes!

The Office of Alumni Engagement collaborates with the Office of Enrollment Management on this creative initiative to inspire accepted students to become future Purple Eagles!

Over the past several years, alumni volunteers have handwritten thousands of notes to prospective students who have been accepted to Niagara, but not yet committed. If you have participated in this program in the past, thank you! Your personal notes and words of wisdom have an impact on the students…they love hearing from you as much as you love writing to them! If you are new to this program and are interested in joining the Niagara Notes team, contact the Alumni Engagement office or 716.286.8787.

Beginning in February, we organize the prospective students with our alumni based on major. We then send you the names and addresses of your matched students, along with note cards, envelopes and stamps – plus a template to use as a guide – to be sent out in advance of Decision Day, which is early May. Everything you need to reach out to these students will be sent directly to you!

We hope that a little encouragement from Niagara alumni will help make our accepted students make the decision to attend Niagara University and begin their journey as a Purple Eagle.