NU Student AbroadYou want to expand your academic experience overseas. Now what?

  1. Discuss the possibility with your advisor at least one semester before you plan to study abroad. If possible, start one year in advance. While reviewing your curriculum with your advisor, determine if you can study overseas for a semester or a summer. You need to review the flexibility of your curriculum and determine how many electives, major courses and general education courses you might be able to complete while abroad.
  2. Once you've selected a program or have narrowed it down to a few options. contact the International Relations Office at 716.286.6563  to schedule an appointment.
  3. Meet with the International Relations Office and review the forms required for Niagara University: Request for Study Abroad, Course Advisement for Study Abroad, Waiver of Liabilities, and the International Student Identification Card application.
  4. Complete the forms required for your chosen program and return to the Study Abroad Office.
  5. Whether or not you receive financial aid, make an appointment early in the semester to meet with the Financial Aid Office for advice and information on how a semester abroad impacts your financial aid package. Make sure you've submitted the FAFSA forms for that year if you plan to receive aid.
  6. The International Relations Office will register you as a Niagara University student for the SA semester. The grades you receive abroad will appear on your Niagara transcript and be factored into your GPA.
  7. Apply for passport and visa (if applicable) as early as possible.
  8. See NU's housing department in order to withdraw from housing during your semester abroad. Make arrangements for housing for the semester you return and give them your address abroad so they can contact you regarding your housing placement.
  9. In most cases, you will need to arrange your airfare on your own. Get several prices and include STA travel as one of your options.
  10. Before you leave on your trip, make an appointment with the International Relations Office to check that you have made all the necessary arrangements.