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Julianna Struzik

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Julianna Struzik

About Julianna

Hometown: Waterloo, NY
Major: Special Education and Childhood (Grade 1 – Grade 6)
Minor: Literacy Minor
Grad Year: 2025

Involvement on-campus:

  • NU Soar Throats Acapella
  • Philosophy Club
  • Vincentian Scholars
  • Honors Program

What is your favorite thing about NU?

I love the sense of community we have here, there’s always something going on and it’s really easy to meet new people and make new friends.

What is your favorite place on campus?

Either the library or the O’Shea quad!

What does the Power of Niagara mean to you?

The Power of Niagara means that I am learning to find who I am as a person and am chasing goals I never dreamed of before, all while learning the content I need to be successful. Niagara works to shape you as a whole and really pushes you to believe anything is possible.

What is the best thing about your major?

I love that I get experience in the classroom right away through my field experience observations! I get to interact with the kids and put what I’m learning in classes into practice.

What is your favorite club or organization that you are involved in?

My favorite club by far has been Soar Throats Acapella, it really feels like a little family!