B.F.A Theatre Specialization

Students exploring career paths other than acting or design/production may choose a specialization. In the Directing track, for example, students work with a mentor to select specialized advised electives in performance skills and styles, as well as in different areas of theatre design, building towards assistant directing and directing full productions. Playwriting includes a focus on writing studies courses, and the Dramaturgy track offers a foundation in literature and history.  Each specialist creates a two-semester Senior Seminar project, tailored to their interests.

Graduates may pursue entry level positions in the professional theatre or may continue theatre related studies for careers in education.

BFA - Theatre Specializations Degree Requirements *NEW*

General Education Requirements

  • See General Education
  • Foundation Courses 9
  • Distribution Courses 11

Departmental Core Requirements

  • THR 103 - Introduction to the Theatre
  • THR 104 - Fundamentals of Production
  • THR 411, 412 - History and Literature of Theatre I and II

Theatre Specialization Emphasis

  • THR 101-102 - Performance Technique I & II
  • THR 362 - Dramatic Theory and Criticism
  • THR 413 - History and Literature of Theatre  - or - THR 425 - Directing 
  • Five Specialized Advised electives
  • THR 430 - Senior Seminar I
  • THR 431 - Senior Seminar II
  • Two advised electives
  • Eight practicums (one credit each)

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