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    "The Firebugs"

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    "Legally Blonde"

The high demands students experience in the performance emphasis develop their abilities, skills and knowledge of performing arts in both an academic and practical environment. Our curriculum is designed to include coursework in acting, voice and movement every semester, and will also include: dance, directing, movement, physical theatre, stage combat, speech and voice for musical theatre.

In addition to the academic coursework, performance students have the opportunity to apply practical skills and knowledge in a professional environment through work in the departmental productions.

Graduates of the performance sequence may continue with advanced training on the professional or graduate level, or immediately pursue careers in performance, directing or theatre education.

B.F.A. - Performance Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements

See General Education

  • Foundation Courses (9)
  • Distribution Courses (11)

Departmental Core Requirements

  • THR 103 - Introduction to the Theatre
  • THR 104 - Fundamentals of Production
  • THR 411, 412 - History and Literature of Theatre I and II
  • Three advised electives

Performance Emphasis

  • THR 101-102 - Performance Technique I & II
  • THR 201-202 - Performance Technique III & IV
  • THR 301-302 - Performance Technique V & VI
  • THR 401-402 - Performance Technique VII & VIII
  • THR 362 - Dramatic Theory and Criticism
  • THR 413 - History and Literature of Theatre III
  • THR 414 - American Theatre and Drama
  • THR 425 - Directing
  • Eight practicums (one credit each)

There is a Performance Theory and Techniques Special Lab Fee of $905 (for the 2021-2022 academic year). The fee is applied once per semester covering all courses within the Performance Techniques umbrella.