Mindfulness Conversations Conference

Mindfulness and Mindful Movement for Educators and Wellness Professionals

Conference at Niagara University
Saturday, September 26, 2020 - Mindfulness
Sunday, September 27, 2020 - Qigong

Niagara University is proud to host a conference entitled Mindfulness Conversations. The event this year will be Virtual.  The Virtual Platform we will be using is Zoom.

We are excited to announce the Mindfulness Conversations event that will be held on September 26 and 27.  Saturday will be dedicated to Mindfulness and Mindful Movement for Educators, Health Professionals, Law Enforcement, First-Responders and the Military. Sunday will be dedicated to Qigong. Both days are intended to assist attendees and those they work with to find ways to survive and thrive during this time of COVID.

This year's conversations will focus on education and wellness through mindfulness and mindful movement.  We will be presenting workshops for teachers, counselors, administrators, psychologists, social workers, school staff, yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi practitioners, physical therapists, athletic trainers, dancers, police officers, fire fighters, and anyone in the military.  The intent of this event is to call together those interested in mindfulness in their field to meet with others to discuss their work, questions, concerns, share ideas and activities, and to create connections so that ongoing conversations can take place.

Conference begins at 8:00am EST with workshops running from 8:00am EST to 9:00pm EST. Sessions will run for 1 hour with a 15 minute Q&A to follow.  Videos for the workshops will be made available after the conference for those who attend.

CTLE Credits

We will be offering free CTLE credits to those who participate in workshops and provided feedback on each of them.  Be sure to indicate your intention when you register.

Please register in advance. Cost per day - $25.00

Planning Committee

Planning Committee Chair Phillips (Kester), Dr. Donna dkphllps@niagara.edu
Mindfulness Conversations Murphy, Mrs. Kelly mekellymurphy@gmail.com
Qigong Rosinski, Ms. Susi chisusi99@gmail.com