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Visiting Warner Brothers Studios, LondonAs a Communication and Media Studies major at Niagara University, you will receive a liberal arts education while gaining the knowledge and expertise required to succeed in a plethora of career opportunities. With the field of communications always in flux, shifting and changing with technology and new innovation, our communications curriculum was created to prepare students with the skills necessary to succeed in today's global landscape.  

At Niagara, students have the opportunity to engage in real-world practices and coursework in areas of media writing, digital journalism, advertising, public relations, public speaking, and much more. In tandem with these courses, students have access to internships and co-ops both at a local and national level, as well as student organizations and activities that allow them to build and enhance their skill set.

A communications and media studies degree offers students the opportunity to: 

  • Develop strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Get experience with public speaking and enhance their interpersonal communication skills.
  • Learn to work well on a team and develop leadership skills.
  • Explore specializations within major and professional field. Select electives to enhance knowledge in area(s) of interest.
  • Obtain experience through part-time employment, co-op, internships, or volunteer experience.
  • Get involved in campus activities and professional organizations.


Through unique opportunities such as exploring the cultural context of comics or film, studying mass media in London, or working on a newspaper or a live ESPN broadcast, the CMS program offers students unforgettable academic experiences.


Students get hands-on experience through intern-ships at TV stations, athletics organizations, advertising firms and more to develop skills necessary to produce professional-quality content in a variety of media industries, and learn side-by-side with leading industry professionals.


Our award-winning faculty members will mentor you, both in the classroom and as club advisors, as they represent the student-centered approach that makes NU a premier teaching institution.

  “It was a Niagara alum connection that landed me my dream internship with WCBS in New York City. As I look at the other people in my field, I see that we all started with high-profile internships. I am thankful to the CMS department for the opportunity. I’m not sure I would have gotten my foot in the door otherwise.”

Leanne Stuck, ’15, News Reporter


Public Relations
Film Production


Median Pay for Public Relations Specialists in 2018 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.