3+1 Accounting Program

Distinguished Accounting Scholar Accelerated Degree Program 3+1

Get a head start on your accounting career by applying for the Distinguished Accounting Scholar Accelerated Degree (3+1) Program sponsored by Deloitte. Students obtain both their Bachelor of Business Administration and their Master of Business Administration degrees in four years rather than the usual five. This program is geared towards incoming students who have completed college level courses during high school careers.

Students must earn a B or better in each accounting course and must maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average overall of their courses.

Platinum Program Sponsor: 

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The 3+1 program offers:

  • Earn your BBA/MBA in four years
  • Advisement and career guidance from faculty advisor
  • Firsthand experience in top-tier internships at one or more of Western New York’s most successful accounting firms
  • CPA planning and strategy course to prepare to sit for CPA exam

Students will also work closely with Niagara’s award-winning career services department to prepare them for leadership in their careers and to develop the effective communication skills necessary to network at professional events. They will also receive assistance in resume development and interview skills to prepare them to succeed in their professional career.

Application Requirements:

To be admitted to the program, high school students must have a minimum 90 grade point average and one recommendation by guidance counsellor or teacher.
Transfers will be considered for this program on a case by case basis.


  • 1st year: 6 courses fall and 6 courses in Spring
  • Summer:  4 courses*
  • 2nd year: 6 courses fall and 6 courses in Spring
  • Summer: (2 course equiv.) Summer internship**
  • 3rd year: 6 courses fall and 6 courses in Spring
*Students who transfer credits into program through AP credits or HS college credit courses will need less or no courses in summer.
**Students may opt to take one or two 3 credit hours internships during fall/spring.

Benefits offered to all accounting scholars:

  • Internship opportunities at our alliance partners
  • Advisement and career guidance by faculty advisor
  • Business networking events with business executives and CPA professionals on campus and at area firms
  • CPA planning & strategy course to prepare student to begin part of CPA exam in last year
  • Opportunity to minor in data analytics or fraud examination and economic crime
  • Professional development imbedded in program (public speaking, networking skills, interviewing tips, resume development, and dining etiquette)


On strong recommendation of guidance counsellor indicating that an event may have caused a lower GPA, student may be admitted for admission to the program after personal interview.

Students will be assigned a faculty mentor and a practicing accounting mentor to guide student.

Student may opt to slow the pace of study at any time by taking less than 6 courses per semester without any penalty and would still be considered a Distinguished Accounting Scholar. If a student opts to take less courses in a semester or year, they can opt to accelerate in future semesters. NOTE:  By making any changes to the program students may not be able to complete their BBA in three years.

The summer internship is only a recommendation.  Students may compete internships during fall/spring 

Opportunities to complete a minor (Data Analytics, and Fraud and Forensic Accounting) recommended.

Summer study abroad options available.

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