Veteran Statute on NU Campus

Serving Those Who Served

Niagara University has a long history of honoring and supporting students who, like you, served all of us through service in our nation’s armed forces. Since its earliest days, countless numbers of soldiers and veterans have attended Niagara, enriching the campus and transforming the lives of others. Included among those veterans are two Medal of Honor recipients, General William Donovan and Lieutenant John Bobo, and a humanitarian nominated for sainthood, Fr. Nelson Baker. They, along with thousands of notable alumni, have made a difference in the world.

Since World War II, Niagara has welcomed many veterans who came back to school, either to begin or resume their education. In that same welcoming spirit, we welcome you to our campus and thank you for your service.

Niagara University is committed to supporting you as you begin this new chapter in your life. We look forward to partnering with you to facilitate your academic goals, and we are eager for your participation in our campus as we learn and grow together. Take a look at our academic programs, schedule a visit and meet with admissions and financial aid counselors, and prepare to continue your mission of making a difference.