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A Powerful Educational Experience

Sociology is the study of society. Those who study sociology are interested in just about anything that groups of people engage in. By taking sociology courses, you will learn about race, ethnicity, gender, social class, sexuality, deviance, culture, subcultures, work, families, social change and much more. It is a discipline with few limitations. 

Methods and perspectives held by sociologists are central to the social sciences as a whole. By majoring in sociology, you may not become a sociologist, but you will learn to see the world in a different light. Your education in this discipline will be deeply engaging, and will inform the decisions you make in everyday life, both large and small.

A Cutting-Edge Curriculum

The sociology department offers a wide breadth of courses centered on a concern for inequality at every level. Students will study courses on social change, cultural anthropology, social theory, and research methods. The curriculum is flexible, and allows students to pursue a double major, or minors in other academic areas. Upon program completion, students will be prepared to face challenges that exist in today’s society on a global scale, and foster innovative ways of engineering a better society.


The sociology program allows you to focus on what areas speak to you personally. You’ll have opportunities for individualized research with faculty, and advisors give tailored guidance for your career path, or graduate school.


Sociology students develop their abilities to write clearly, read and understand difficult texts, communicate effectively, and think critically, through an intensive and challenging curriculum.


Sociology students are equipped to handle diversity and change, and the skills they acquire have practical applications in nearly any workplace or social situation.

Business and Industry
Community and Social Services


Median Pay for Sociologists in 2018 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.