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Middle Childhood and Adolescence Education (Grade 5 - Grade 12)

Students who chose the middle childhood & adolescence program will be qualified to teach children in middle childhood (grades 5-9) and at the secondary education level (grades 7-12). This program is recommended for students who have a passion for a specific subject and are interested in teaching middle and/or high school students.  

Successful completion of the program leads to New York state initial certification in BOTH middle childhood (grades 5-9) & adolescence education (grades 7-12).

Program Curriculum and Requirements

All programs include a general education requirement, major academic concentration in a selected area of study, professional education requirement, and comprehensive field experiences. The academic concentration is commensurate with a major in the content field and ensures that students gain extensive knowledge of their subject matter. The Common Core standards and New York state learning standards are integrated into required coursework throughout the program and serve as the basis of performance assessment requirements.  

A focus on literacy and teaching students with diverse learning needs is embedded in coursework that is required of all education majors. Comprehensive field experiences begin in the first semester of study and continue each semester of the program, leading to a teaching assistantship and comprehensive student teaching experience. All programs include experience with English language learners and students receiving special education services, as well as a range of placements across various types of school districts.

Students in this program select one content area concentration from the following subjects: English, mathematics, biology, chemistry, social studies, or the languages of Spanish or French.  

Students who wish to be certified to teach in Ontario will earn their initial New York state teacher certification and be assisted to apply through the Ontario College of Teachers for the letter of eligibility to teach in Ontario at the intermediate/senior level.