Understanding the Past to Prepare for the Future

What is history?

History is not just one “fact" after another, instead it is an attempt to explain both change and continuity. It is one of the most exciting subjects that you can study because history teaches us how to think! The study of history allows us to understand and appreciate the great achievements as well as the limitations of civilizations, of nations, of men and women in the past.

Why study history?

History is one of the oldest academic disciplines known to mankind. For centuries, it has been an important source of knowledge and wisdom. History serves as the collective memory of humanity; without it, we would be like amnesia patients unable to comprehend the past, present or future.

What are the benefits derived from the study of history?

The study of history allows us to learn from the mistakes of the past, to understand other cultures and peoples and to gain new perspectives on the past, present and future. Studying history develops skills in writing, speaking and analysis. In brief, history is a challenging discipline that can serve as the basis of a true liberal arts education as well as a preparation for graduate and professional studies in fields such as law, government, business, communications and journalism.


The study of history prepares students for careers in a number of fields, such as government, museum work, communications, business and industry. History majors are also prepared for graduate study in history, law, diplomacy, international studies, political science, museum and archival administration and education.

Niagara University history graduates have been admitted to a variety of top-notch graduate and professional schools, including Columbia University, Fordham University, Harvard University, the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, the State University of New York at Buffalo, St. John's University and Yale University. Many of our history/social studies majors go into teaching on the elementary or high school level, while others have pursued studies toward a doctorate degree and teach on the college level.

Our graduates are also well prepared to pursue studies in business administration, management and law. Our placement record in law schools is excellent, with our graduates attending schools including Harvard University Law School, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Georgetown University School of Law, University of Chicago, St. John's University and the State University of New York at Buffalo Law School.


History students can pursue a double major or minors, participate in internships, or apply for the 3 + 3 pre-law program with University at Buffalo School of Law.


Students will be prepared with course-embedded career modules and an extensive internship pro-gram. Faculty advisers meet with students regularly, and help them chart a sound professional path.


Award-winning faculty members are recognized as research leaders in their fields, publish in nationally and internationally-recog-nized journals, and collaborate with local public history sites and museums.

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Median Pay for Historians in 2018 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.