Film Studies

About the film studies minor

The film studies minor is an interdisciplinary program encompassing courses from across the College of Arts and Sciences, allowing students to acquire a knowledge and appreciation for film within multiple disciplines. Students gain an understanding for the art of cinema and how it is shaped and influenced through various fields of study.

What will a film studies minor help me do?

Students in the film studies minor will:

  • Acquire knowledge for the history, culture, institutions, theoretical foundations and aesthetic of film.
  • Develop a strong basis for film literacy through the development of critical, analytical, and writing skills.
  • Develop creative practice for the understanding and application of various modes of visual and written storytelling.
  • Acquire industry experience and professional connections through internships and event volunteering.

How do I minor in film studies?

The minor consists of five courses (15 credits)

  • You must take one required course (CMS 285) and four electives.
  • At least three of the minor courses must be from outside your major department
  • You must complete a minor application form with the College of Arts and Sciences via myNU so that the minor will appear on your transcript

What courses are part of the minor?

CMS 285: Introduction to Film Studies

This is an introduction to the interpretation of cinema. Students learn the cultures, practices, genres, directors, theories, technologies, politics and economics that have influenced the development of motion pictures. Required for the Film Studies Minor.


  • CMS 221/THR 222: Screenwriting
  • CMS 345: Video Production
  • CMS 352: Documentary Film
  • CMS 353: Film and Culture
  • CMS 355: Understanding Television
  • CMS 360: Short Filmmaking
  • CMS/WMS 375: Women and Film
  • ENG 366: Literature and Film
  • ENG 367: Global Shakespeare on Film
  • FRE 319: Francophone Cinema
  • PHI 328: Philosophy of Film
  • REL 399: The Bible and Film
  • SPA 319: Through a Different Lens: Latin America in Film
  • THR 120: Introduction to Design
  • THR 225: Sound for the Theatre
  • THR 425: Directing

Other film-related courses, internships, or independent studies are possible with the approval of the minor director. Please contact Dr. Joseph Sirianni before registering for a course not on this list.