Clubs & Organizations

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Niagara offers more than 100 student clubs and organizations. Whether it's the Campus Programming Board, NU Goes Green, biology club or one of our many club sports that catches your interest, you'll find a variety of social, cultural, athletic, and educational student organizations to choose from at Niagara!

Academic Clubs and Organizations

  • Public Relations Student Society of Niagara (PRSSN)

    PRSSN will educate students on the basics of public relations along with how it can be used in different career fields. The students will be able to work with peers as well as professionals to get a better understanding of the field. PRSSN’s goal is to prepare students in various majors on how to apply public relations in a professional manner.

  • Economics Club

    The members of the Niagara University Economics Club strive to provide networking and learning opportunities regarding economics to all its members. In addition to this they strive to broaden the knowledge of, and inform, all Niagara University students of the opportunities available regarding economics. 

  • Cyber Security Club

    The members of the Cyber Security Club develop the skills and talents of its members involving various computer technologies. We will also explore ethical hacking for professional purposes and using various techniques. 

  • Business Organizational Leadership Development (BOLD)

    members of BOLD are given the opportunities to explore self-interests and participate in leadership roles in business and business oriented service projects on the Niagara University campus.  

  • American Sign Language Club

    The members of the American Sign Language Club, ensure that Niagara University students have a fun and safe environment to practice sign language, as well as promote a new language and cultural diversity on campus.  

  • Student Nurses Association

    The goal of the Niagara University Student Nurses Association is to promote the development of professional leadership in nursing students and further the discipline of nursing, promote the many dimensions of holistic wellness, and advocate for the health and wellness of vulnerable populations.  In addition the focus for the SNA is to help develop the whole person, her/his professional role and responsibility for health care of people in all walks of life. To influence health care, to promote and encourage participation in community affairs. 

  • Sport Management Association

    The members of the Niagara University Sport Management Association  ensure that our members will have a chance to grow, develop, and work in the sports enterprise. 

  • Moot Court

    This organization’s overall goal is to further the legal interests, capabilities, and understanding of Niagara University undergraduates through both internal and external litigation competitions. Moot court is a common feature of most law schools and participation will bolster any law school résumés, in addition to helping with Niagara’s law classes. 

  • Club Managers Association of America

    The CMAA advances the profession of club management by fulfilling the educational and related needs of its members.  

  • American Hotel & Loding Association (AHLA)

    The purpose of this organization is for educating the members of hospitality related topics, attending industry related events and networking with one another and with industry professionals.

  • Accounting Society

    Accounting Society is an organization formed to stimulate outside interest in the varied and ever-expanding field of accounting. Activities such as excursions to various accounting installations and lectures, given by professional accountants from both public accounting and industry, provide a better understanding of the field.

  • Active Minds

    Active Minds is a student organization dedicated to promoting awareness of mental health issues on campus. Club members hold fund raisers, undertake media campaigns, organize stress reduction activities at critical times, such as exam weeks, and participate in the annual conference sponsored by Active Minds on Campus, a national organization based in Washington, DC. The club aims to increase awareness of mental health issues, provides information and resources regarding mental health and illness, and encourages students to seek help as soon as possible.

  • Alpha Phi Sigma

    Alpha Phi Sigma, the national criminal justice honor society, was chartered to make criminal justice professions and practitioners more effective, to inspire a just pride in their work, and to apply scientific practices and techniques within the criminal justice field. Membership is open to students majoring in criminal justice at the university with a QPA of 3.0.

  • American Chemical Society (Tetrahedron)

    American Chemical Society (Tetrahedron) aims to encourage a feeling of professional pride among chemistry majors and to aid them in educational and industrial fields. The group sponsors movies, lectures and tours of industry and other local colleges.

  • Beta Alpha Psi

    Beta Alpha Psi is an international honorary organization for financial information students and professionals. Its primary objective is to encourage scholastic and professional excellence  in the business information field. This includes: promoting the study and practice of accounting, finance and information systems; providing opportunities for self-development, service and association among members and practicing professionals; and encouraging a sense of ethical, social and public responsibility.

  • Beta Beta Beta

    Beta Beta Beta is a national biological honor society for undergraduates emphasizing scholarship, dissemination of scientific knowledge, and promotion of biological research. It reserves its regular membership for those with superior academic records (3.0 in the sciences) and special aptitude for and major interest in the life sciences. It strives to cultivate intellectual interest in the natural sciences and promote a better appreciation of the value of biological study, welcoming into associate membership all students interested in biology. Beta Beta Beta also endeavors to extend the boundaries of man's knowledge of nature by encouraging new discoveries through scientific investigation and, to this end, encourages undergraduate students to begin research work and report their findings in the journal of the society, BIOS. Activities are held in conjunction with the biology club.

  • Biology Club

    Biology Club is open to all students whose concentration is in the biological sciences. The chapter provides a program intended to promote professionalism among its members by means of guest lecturers, field trips and social events.

  • Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization (CEO)

    Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization (CEO) is a nationally affiliated club focused on entrepreneurship and free venture, two growing fields of interest for many collegians. Students from any major are eligible to join CEO.

  • Criminal Justice Association (CJA)

    Criminal Justice Association (CJA) is geared to educate all students about the criminal justice system with lectures and conferences on and off campus by FBI agents, state troopers and others governmental agencies. Community service activities, like food and clothing drives and volunteering in a soup kitchen, help students gain a better understanding of our community.

  • Delta Epsilon Sigma

    Delta Epsilon Sigma, Alpha Zeta Chapter is the national scholastic honor society for students of Catholic colleges and universities. Students from all disciplines within the university are eligible for membership.

  • Delta Nu Alpha

    Delta Nu Alpha is a professional transportation organization that promotes a greater knowledge of traffic and transportation among its members. Membership is limited to students enrolled in an accredited traffic and transportation program.

  • Eta Sigma Delta

    Eta Sigma Delta is the international honor society for hospitality and tourism students enrolled in baccalaureate degree programs. Its purpose is to recognize scholarship, service, professionalism, and leadership.

  • Financial Management Association International (FMA)

    Financial Management Association International (FMA), established in 1970, has become the global leader in developing and disseminating knowledge about financial decision making. Niagara”™s student chapter of FMA provides opportunities for professional interaction between students and finance practitioners. Additionally, students have the opportunity to attend the annual Finance Leader”™s Conference, and may also be recognized for FMA”™s National Honor Society.

  • Gamma Sigma Epsilon

    Gamma Sigma Epsilon is a national chemistry honor society whose purpose is to recognize outstanding students that demonstrate a strong ability and interest in the field of chemistry. It also aims to promote professionalism and scholarship in chemistry and the general welfare of its members.

  • Hospitality and Tourism Association

    Hospitality and Tourism Association is a membership organization committed to communicating and coordinating professional and social activities particularly relevant to College of Hospitality and Tourism Management students.

  • Kappa Mu Epsilon

    Kappa Mu Epsilon, New York Eta Chapter is the national mathematics honor society. The membership is composed of those students who have at least a 3.0 average in mathematics, rank in the upper 35 percent of their class, and have completed at least three semesters of calculus or other upper-level mathematics courses. The primary objective of the society is to encourage students to develop an interest in mathematics. Meetings generally consist of the presentation of student papers which cover topics not ordinarily taught in the classroom. Occasional lectures by leading mathematicians also are heard.

  • Lambda Pi Eta

    Lambda Pi Eta is the official communication studies honor society of the National Communication Association. Its goals are to: recognize, foster and reward outstanding scholastic achievement in communication studies; stimulate interest, promote and encourage professional development among communication majors; and explore options for graduate education in communication studies.

  • National Society of Scabbard and Blade

    National Society of Scabbard and Blade was founded in 1904 as an honor society for ROTC cadets. Sponsored by the department of military science, Company K-11 was established at Niagara University in 1954 to recognize academic and military excellence, to promote good citizenship and to prepare cadets to be active, responsible and efficient officers. Members take part in several community and military activities during the school year and may attend the biennial national convention.

  • Niagara University Future Teachers Association (NUFTA)

    Niagara University Future Teachers Association (NUFTA) is a social and professional organization for education majors. Club membership is open to all students in the College of Education and provides them with a variety of opportunities to exchange ideas and enhance their perspectives on professional education.

  • Niagara University Honors Program President's Society

    Niagara University Honors Program President”™s Society comprises junior and senior honors program students invited to work with the university”™s president to promote teaching/ learning, research and service programs and serve at various institutional events. Students selected are recognized for their scholarship, integrity, maturity, and devotion to the Catholic and Vincentian traditions of the campus community.

  • Niagara University Marketing Association (NUMA)

    Niagara University Marketing Association (NUMA), in affiliation with the American Marketing Association, was formed to enlighten interested students in the functions and operations of marketing. The association sponsors such outside activities as tours through selected firms and seminars featuring guest speakers. Membership is open to any student pursuing a career in the fields of marketing and management.

  • Niagara University Philosophy Club

    Niagara University Philosophy Club consists of a group of students who come together for open philosophical forums focused on the exchange of ideas and the promotion of individual thought. Typical activities include watching movies and discussing associated philosophical themes, sponsoring philosophical debates and social gatherings. Membership is open to any Niagara student.

  • Phi Alpha Honor Society, Delta Gamma Chapter

    Phi Alpha Honor Society, Delta Gamma Chapter is a national social work honor society for undergraduate social work majors, faculty and local practitioners. The purposes of the society are to provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals. Phi Alpha fosters high standards of academic excellence and training for social workers.

  • Phi Alpha Delta

    Phi Alpha Delta, the pre-law association, is the Niagara University Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity. Dedicated to its motto “Service to the Student, the Law School, the Profession,and the Community,” its purpose is to provide a forum for the discussion, propagation and dissemination of justice and the rule of law in our university community and the larger society. The collective goal is to assist the campus community in providing a scholastic environment where justice prevails.

  • Phi Alpha Theta

    Phi Alpha Theta is the national history honor society. Invitation to membership is open to individuals who meet the stringent criteria for scholastic performance both in history and general academic course work. The society’s mission is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians.

  • Phi Beta Delta, Delta Mu Chapter

    Phi Beta Delta, Delta Mu Chapter is an honor society for international scholars and students who demonstrate aptitude in the area of scholarly work of an international scope. Membership is available to qualified students and faculty across all disciplines.

  • Phi Sigma Iota, Alpha Upsilon Chapter

    Phi Sigma Iota, Alpha Upsilon Chapter is the national foreign language honor society. Its purpose is to recognize outstanding ability and attainments in the study of foreign languages and to promote an interest in cross-cultural enrichment within the university community. Membership is open to juniors and seniors with a major or a concentration in a foreign language who have completed the advanced level by their fifth semester. Members must have an overall QPA of 3.0, as well as a QPA of 3.0 in foreign language.

  • Pi Lambda Theta

    Pi Lambda Theta is an international honor society in education with over 15,000 members in 167 local chapters. Membership in Niagara University”™s Gamma Lambda chapter is by invitation to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as College of Education alumni. Membership benefits include supplementary experiences and professional contacts, recognition for academic excellence and opportunities for leadership, and subscription to the society”™s newsletter and award-winning quarterly professional journal, "Educational Horizons."

  • Pi Sigma Alpha

    Pi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honor society, is open to all political science majors and minors who have taken five political courses and maintained a QPA of 3.25 or above. PSA involves itself in public service activities. Membership makes one eligible for grants and fellowships made available by the national organization.

  • Political Science Forum

    Political Science Forum is an organization of political science majors and minors dedicated to public service and advancing students”™ understanding of politics through the sponsorship of debates on current political issues, encouraging political participation, and learning through experience. In cooperation with the Prelaw Student Association, the PSF sponsors an annual trip to Washington, D.C., aimed at observing political practitioners in action.

  • Prelaw Student Association

    Prelaw Student Association, which is associated with the National Phi Alpha Delta Honor Society, provides a forum for communication, information and guidance to all members of the NU community interested in pursuing legal studies.

  • Psychology Club

    Psychology Club is an organization that brings together students with a common interest in advancing psychology as a science and profession. Its activities include guest speakers, touring local mental health facilities, discussing recent films, volunteering in local mental health agencies, and holding fundraisers and socials. Membership is open to all students.

  • ROTC Drill Team

    ROTC Drill Team is a competitive drill and ceremonies team committed to enhancing cadet skills and knowledge in military drills. Skills and confidence gained by involvement in the team assists participants in becoming more well-rounded officers in the United States Army.

  • ROTC Ranger Challenge

    ROTC Ranger Challenge”™s purpose is to provide interested students with a view of Army life practiced in specialized light-infantry units and an opportunity to learn leadership skills.

  • Sigma Alpha Sigma

    Sigma Alpha Sigma is the undergraduate honor society of Niagara University. Its purpose is to recognize and reward scholastic and extracurricular attainments and to promote interest in and give an added incentive to undergraduates in various fields of endeavor. Membership is one of the university”™s highest achievements.

  • Sigma Tau Delta

    Sigma Tau Delta is the international honor society in English. With over 400 chapters in the United States, Canada and Europe, Sigma Tau Delta aims to foster an interest in the study of the English language and literature and a spirit of fellowship and service among its members. NU”™s Alpha Alpha Zeta chapter promotes these goals by sponsoring poetry readings, conference trips, community service activities, and social events. To be eligible for membership, students must have completed at least three English courses beyond the introductory level, must have at least a 3.0 average in their English courses, and must rank in the upper 35 percent of their class.  Membership benefits include subscriptions to the society”™s newsletter and literary journal and opportunities to compete for scholarships and internships.

  • Social Work Student Association

    Social Work Student Association is open to all students majoring in social work. SWSA”™s purposes are: to promote interest in social work and related issues through association with others who are committed to a career in social work; to provide supplemental educational experiences for students; to act as an advocate for students in academic and administrative matters; and to enhance social interaction among the students.  Each year, members are responsible for selecting students to serve on the various departmental committees.

  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

    Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a social, academic club enabling its members to learn more about the human resource profession by networking in a social atmosphere with business professionals throughout the Western New York area. Membership is open to anyone pursuing a career in the human resource and management field.

  • Theta Alpha Kappa

    Theta Alpha Kappa is the national honor society for religious studies and theology. The local chapter, Alpha Upsilon, encourages research, good teaching and publication, as well as dialogue between students and teachers of religious studies and theology.

  • Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges

    A nationally recognized program honoring outstanding campus leaders for scholastic and community achievements. For eligibility, students must have junior or senior status and have earned a QPA of 3.0 or higher.

  • Psi Chi

    A national honorary organization for students of psychology.  Students must have attained a QPA OF 3.0 or higher in psychology courses taken.

  • Federal Challenge

    The federal challenge is an academic competition designed to expand the communities understanding of the Federal Reserves System' s unique role in the economy and the importance of Federal Open Market Committee decisions. The competition is framed to assist in the development of student's research, group dynamics, presentation and critical thinking skills.

  • Orientation Assistant

    In addition to the board, NSO involves nearly 150 upper-class orientation assistants (OAs) to aid new students in transitioning to Niagara University.  These are student volunteers who assist with the implimentation of Fall Orientation and help get our new students off to a great start on Monteagle Ridge.

Campus Media

  • Aquila Literary Journal

    The Aquila Literary Journal provides students with a creative outlet, wherein they can display both literary and artistic pieces to be recognized and enjoyed by their peers.

  • WNIA

    WNIA, the campus radio station, provides students with entertainment, publicity and coverage of university sporting events. In addition to being a service to the students, the radio station provides an excellent opportunity to students interested in radio communications and media.

Club Sports

Leadership and Student Governance

  • Campus Programming Board

    The CPB is comprised of volunteer students who gain valuable leadership experience through the planning and implementation of a variety of social, cultural, recreational, and educational events intended to bring the campus community together.

  • Niagara University Student Government Association (NUSGA)

    Niagara University Student Government Association (NUSGA): This representative group of elected and appointed students serve the university community by promoting the general welfare of the student body. Through a democratic process, student leaders address their peers’ concerns, as well as provide a wide variety of activities and programs.

  • Class Government:

    Each of the four classes is represented by a slate of officers elected annually. These governing bodies seek to maintain an esprit de corps within each class by sponsorship of a number of activities throughout the academic year.

  • Resident Hall Association

    The RHA consists of representatives elected from each residence hall. The group focuses on developing a sense of community and advocacy within the resident population and ensuring the quality of on-campus life.

  • New Student Orientation Leaders

    Each year approximately 25 student leaders are hired to serve as Orientation Leaders (OL) to welcome the incoming class of new students.  OLs play a critical role in helping to ease students in their transition to college, as well as introduce them to the various resources available to them on campus. researching and planning exciting activities for the NSO program held each in the summer months and during Fall Orientation. 

Social and Service Clubs and Organizations

  • Turning Point USA - NU Chapter

    Turning Point USA’s mission is to educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets and limited government, through non-partisan debate, dialogue and discussion. Through our 24/7-365 grassroots activism model, we strive to educate, identify, register, empower, organize and mobilize students.

  • NU Lions Club

    The NU Lions Club is a campus affiliate of Lions Club International, the world’s largest service organization. Its mission is to empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace, and promote international understanding.  Formed in November 2015 and sponsored by the Lewiston Community Lions, the NU Lions Club received its official campus club charter in December 2016.  The NU Lions Club gives students an opportunity to experience the satisfaction of helping others while learning about the needs of the local community through service projects related to sight, health, youth, elderly, the environment, and disaster relief.  All NU students are welcome to join.”  

  • Feminism Today

    This club is to educate both men and women on the current status and misrepresentation of women in America. By shedding light on important issues and engaging in activism, we hope to empower women and create change within the community and on campus. 

  • Explore NU

    This club will fulfill the need of students to connect with the community and ultimately Western New York. We would like to set up a list of activities that can be accessed by all students on the NU website that are rated by our organization and other students.

  • Women's Health and Fitness Club

    The Women’s Health and Fitness club aims to bring support and assistance to the young women attending Niagara University in their goals regarding health, fitness, and overall wellness. This club combines a form of discussion of current fitness, health, and overall wellness related topics as well as actively providing opportunities to workout, be active, and physically challenge the body. We work to create good lifelong habits to ensure a healthy lifestyle that can be implemented now and can be sustained in the future. With consistent participation in the Women’s Health and Fitness Club, group member’s wellness aspirations will be aided on a personal level while providing them with learning experiences that will help them to develop into health conscious individuals and give them a strong foundation for the future. 

  • Niagara Acapella Club

    The Niagara Acapella Club shall provide the means for students interested in Acapella to express an artistic voice, participate in activities which will enhance their understanding and appreciation of the Acapella vocal style, and allow an opportunity to exhibit, discuss and critique Acapella work.

  • Muslim Student Alliance

    The Muslim Students Alliance will work to provide Niagara students with the opportunity to come together in a supportive Muslim environment that seeks to educate the student body about Islam and Islamic Cultures in an effort to bridge gaps and build diversity. All students and community members are welcome to any and all MSA activities and events. Above all we do recognize that students are at varied levels in their own faith or are of a different faith or background and we are welcoming to all, regardless of the extent of one's religious knowledge, or determination. Our goal is to create and participate in interfaith and cultural events that promote understanding and tolerance of the diverse religious traditions on campus. We aim to focus primarily on Islamic Cultures around the world and tear down common misconceptions and stereotypes. 

  • To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA)

    TWLOHA- Niagara University is affiliated with TWLOHA, Inc., a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA, Inc. exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also invest directly into treatment and recovery. 

  • Running Club

    The purpose of the Running club is to assist students in building life skills such as leadership and teamwork through the sport of running. This team shall promote good sportsmanship and respect for Niagara University.

  • Cheerleading

    The NU cheerleaders practice at Niagara University as well as Gleason's Gymnastics in North Tonawanda. Niagara University's Cheerleading program typically consists of 20 female students working to make the team skilled and competitive. The team participates in men's and women's home basketball games, the MAAC tournament, collegiate competitions, and other school events, as well as outside promotional exhibitions, children's clinics and camps, and fundraisers. The cheerleaders also represent N.U. at a variety of community and charitable events.  

  • Bowling Club

    The Niagara University Bowling Club is a friendly and social environment in which students can form a community and help each other learn and obtain the necessary skills to become a bowler.  

  • Black Student Union

    The Niagara University Black Student Union (BSU) to ensure the educational, communal, professional, and social advancements of black and minority students on campus and in our surrounding community.  

  • Alpha Sigma Alpha

    Alpha Sigma Alpha is a national sorority open to all female students who meet the organization”™s requirements. The chapter”™s purpose promotes sisterhood regardless of race, creed, or religious affiliation. Alpha Sigma Alpha focuses on community service, works closely with the Special Olympics, and encourages all aspects of campus life.

  • Bienvenidos

    Bienvenidos focuses on introducing students to cultural richness and variety of Spanish-speaking countries. Comprising many different ethnic groups, the club engages in activities related to these nations. Membership is open to all students interested in Hispanic cultures.

  • B.A.S.I.C. (Brothers & Sisters in Christ)

    B.A.S.I.C. (Brothers & Sisters in Christ) ”“ This popular week-long service program takes place during the winter or spring break. It involves students in unique service projects in urban and rural settings within the Vincentian tradition.  Students learn firsthand about the poor and the value of serving those in need.

  • Chapel Choir

    Chapel Choir ”“ consists of men and women in the university community who enjoy singing at Sunday liturgies.

  • Liturgical Ministers

    Liturgical Ministers ”“ Students are encouraged to volunteer to be readers, altar servers and Eucharistic ministers for Sunday Mass.

  • Ministry Advisory Board

    Ministry Advisory Board ”“ Students contribute their ideas, time and talents to help create a warm, welcoming climate at Sunday Mass in Alumni Chapel. Student leadership for liturgy planning greatly enhances our Christian community.

  • Music Ministry

    Music Ministry ”“ Students who enjoy singing or playing a musical instrument are invited to share these talents during liturgies in Alumni Chapel. Students need not be Catholic to participate in music ministry at Sunday Masses.

  • NU Pax Christi

    NU Pax Christi ”“ This is the campus chapter of Pax Christi International, the Catholic social justice organization that has been working toward a more peaceful, just and sustainable world since 1945. The NU chapter comprises students, faculty and administration with diverse academic interests, political orientations and religious backgrounds who engage in community service, raising awareness and advocacy for the underprivileged.

  • Retreat Leaders

    Retreat Leaders ”“ Peers ministering to peers is a key element of campus retreat programs. By volunteering to be a retreat leader, students develop great leadership skills that transfer into careers, as well as add to one”™s faith.

  • St. Vincent de Paul Society

    St. Vincent de Paul Society ”“ This is an international organization founded in 1833 by Blessed Frederic Ozanam. With St. Vincent de Paul as the patron, the society seeks in a spirit of justice and charity to serve those who are suffering through direct service.

  • College Democrats

    College Democrats unites students of all majors with a shared interest in the Democratic Party to work for local, state and national Democratic campaigns. Participation also provides students with opportunities to become involved in college democrat organizations in New York state and at the national level.

  • College Republicans

    College Republicans unites students of all majors with a shared interest in the Republican Party to work for local, state and national Republican campaigns. Participation also provides students with opportunities to become involved in college republican organizations in New York State and at the national level.

  • Family Weekend Committee

    Annually, family members of the entire university community are invited to Niagara for a fall weekend. The committee works throughout the year to arrange different activities and social events which make the families”™ visits enjoyable and memorable.

  • History Forum

    History Forum provides an environment where history can be freely discussed and enjoyed by all, regardless of one's knowledge level of history. It aims to make history fun and connect people to historical events, by using different history-based activities, lectures, discussions and films.

  • Inter-Greek Council

    Inter-Greek Council oversees all social Greek organizations on campus, bringing them together to build not only closer relationships between the groups, but also with the surrounding community. Community service is a major goal of all the member organizations. Participation requires membership in one of the Greek organizations.

  • Model UN

    Model UN allows students of all majors with an interest in international relations to experience international diplomacy through simulated diplomatic interaction with other Model UN organizations throughout the nation.

  • National Panhellenic Council

    National Panhellenic Council is composed of the female fraternities on campus. As a unifying organization, members work to better both campus and community relationships.  Philanthropic activities focus on working with women and children. Participation requires membership in one of the national Greek sororities.

  • Niagara University Community Action Program (NUCAP)

    Niagara University Community Action Program (NUCAP) provides opportunities for students wishing to contribute their time and talents to help the less fortunate. Interested students are put in contact with area agencies for volunteer work with the poor, disabled, elderly, youth, and the sick, as well as tutoring and counseling. Throughout the course of the school year,  NUCAP also sponsors one-day programs on campus for children, the elderly and the developmentally disabled.

  • NU Danceline

    NU Danceline is a group of students who enjoy synchronized dancing and like to put that skill to the test in front of the fans at our intercollegiate basketball games. The choreographed Danceline holds open tryouts each year for interested students.

  • NU Goes Green

    NU Goes Green is an environmental stewardship club that strives strives towards creating a more environmentally-friendly campus.  Through education and action, members are dedicated to the promotion of environmental awareness on the campus, the community, and the world.

  • N ZONE

    N ZONE is the official Niagara University student spirit club. Dedicated to promoting school spirit and cheering on the Purple Eagles, undergraduate NU students are invited to join the sea of purple! N ZONE goals include: increase student spirit on campus at athletic events; create a fun environment for members and, in turn, solidify a home court/ice advantage; provide a great social opportunity to meet new people; serve as student ambassadors of Niagara athletics with enthusiasm, integrity and sportsmanship.

  • Outdoors Club

    Outdoors Club allows Niagara students to experience the joys of outdoor activities with others, such as hiking, camping, backpacking, canoeing, rafting, rowing, biking, climbing, fishing, ice fishing, tubing, snowshoeing, and any other activity determined by the club to further its purpose.

  • Phi Sigma Sigma

    Phi Sigma Sigma is a national sorority open to all female students who meet the organization”™s requirements. The chapter”™s purpose is to promote friendship and cooperation among collegiate women of all races, creeds and religions.  The sorority also works to raise the standard of academic ideals and to provide and promote various philanthropic endeavors, such as the National Kidney Foundation.

  • The Poetry Society

    The Poetry Society at Niagara is open to all students interested in reading or writing poetry. Members”™ poems periodically are published in the student newspaper, and an anthology of the entire membership”™s works is published.

  • Purple Eagle Battalion Color Guard

    Purple Eagle Battalion Color Guard”™s purpose is to foster esprit de corps, a sense of civic duty and service, and a practical understanding of the basics of military drill and ceremonies. Participating students are cadets in the university”™s Army ROTC program. They present our university and national colors at sporting events, awards ceremonies, memorial ceremonies, and parades throughout Western New York.

  • Purple Eagles Pep Band

    The Purple Eagles Pep Band adds musical spirit and excitement to Niagara home basketball games. The group is always looking for new members to play woodwind, brass and percussion instruments to add to the enthusiastic atmosphere at Purple Eagle home games for the students and the community.

  • Tau Kappa Epsilon

    Tau Kappa Epsilon is the world”™s largest collegiate social fraternity. Currently in colony status at NU, these gentlemen value scholarship, character, leadership, teamwork, service, and brotherhood. The group”™s mission is to aid in the mental, moral and social development of its brothers.

  • University Players

    The members of the Niagara University Players create a broad artistic outreach as a means of giving back to the local community, observing the traditions and values in the examples set forth by the Niagara University Department of Theatre and Fine Arts.

    In cooperation with the Department of Theatre and Fine Arts, the Niagara University Players aim to provide students with vital, hands-on and in depth experiences which supplement their education, further preparing them for positions of responsibility in the theatre professions and in the broader society.

  • Ski and Boarder Club

    Main purpose is for the opportunity of recreation and pleasure of students by offering them the chance to get away and enjoy a great winter sport.

  • Student Veteran's Organization

    The student Veterans organization assists and supports Military Veterans who are attending Niagara University . As the student veteran is processed, he/she will be afforded a student veteran mentor who will guide him/her through the transition from military life into the academic and social life of Niagara University

  • NU Art

    A student organization offering a creative space for Niagara artists to explore different styles of art through collective group discussions and projects, providing a new interpretation of our Catholic and Vincentian mission through annual galleries and murals, give appreciation to art which can be used to further unify students, faculty and staff and encourage students to take art classes at NU and to support our local art communities.

  • NU Alliance

    A student group established to address the needs and concerns of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students of the university in ways appropriate to our Catholic and Vincentian mission. NU Alliance provides a safe and welcoming place for all LGBTQ+ individuals and allies. The group meets weekly and sponsors educational and social programs. The group is led by three student leaders, who are elected annually by members of the NU Alliance, and is assisted by staff and faculty advisors.

  • Diversity Advocates

    A student organization who's goals are to promote and celebrate diversity as strength by educating and providing awareness about diversity issues; to explore diversity issues on campus and in surrounding areas; to provide a support as a point of contact, for fellow students who feel marginalized and to have an overall positive impact regarding diversity on our campus.

  • Circle K

    A student group that is involved in the community, providing compassion and goodwill to all others in need through service and leadership.

  • Sociology Forum

    An organization established to raise awareness about current social issues affecting campus and society. The forum looks to promote discussion oriented gatherings and encourage philanthropic endeavors.