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Zoom Video Conferencing is now available to all Niagara University faculty and staff. The platform can be used on its own, or used as an integration in Canvas. All employees will have full Zoom licenses.

To get started, visit and log in using your Niagara University PurplePass username and password. If you already have an existing Zoom account with your e-mail address, that account will transition to our enterprise account and your scheduled meetings will remain as-is.

If you plan on using Zoom in your classes, you can also use it through Canvas. In your Canvas course, you'll see a link in the menu for "ZoomProd" which takes you to a list of your scheduled Zoom meetings. From here, you can schedule new meetings, join existing ones, etc. If you've traditionally used BigBlueButton, that platform will remain through this academic year. Beyond that, Zoom will be the platform used, so we encourage switching as soon as possible.

Luckily, many have become very comfortable with Zoom during the pandemic. If you need training, Zoom has made some very helpful videos. In additional our Instructional Support Office has created helpful videos.