Your Statement

Beginning Balance

Billing Brochure

Any  balance due or credit balance at the end of the previous semester is printed as the beginning balance." Amounts due are printed in the charge column, credit balances are printed in the credit column.


The upper section of the statement of account lists all charges, payments and financial aid credits from the beginning of the semester through the billing date. Charges appear in the left column, credits and payments appear in the right column.

New Account Balance

This is the outstanding balance due on the student's account as of the billing date.

Deferments/Pending Aid

Financial aid credits appear on the statement when all necessary documents have been received and processed by the Financial Aid Office. Financial aid deferments appear when there is missing documentation, or where there is only an estimate of what a student may receive. Financial aid deferments allow you time to finalize your awards. It is imperative that you take necessary action to convert the deferments to credits.

Net Amount Due

The net amount due results from the subtraction of your total deferments from your new account balance. If the net amount due is listed in the charge column, you have a current balance due on your student account. If the net amount due is listed in the credit column, you have no balance due at this time. Once your deferments are converted into actual credits (as your aid is processed), you may have a refund due. NO refund checks are issued based on a credit balance resulting from deferments. Refunds are only issued when the new account balance is a credit.

If you have chosen to participate in the University's Payment Plan, your net amount due is divided by the number of payments remaining in the semester. The payment plan amount due prints on the bottom of the statement as "amount due by" the due date.

Changes In The Amount Due

After deferments are converted into credits, a balance may remain.  Please remit the balance due by the date indicated to the Student Accounts Office. If you participate in the university's payment plan, your payment plan amount due will be adjusted automatically.