Your Choice of a Health Profession

Deciding on a Health Care Profession

While some students begin college knowing what health profession they will pursue, some students change their mind several times. For still others the idea of choosing a profession seems far off. The Pre Health Advisement program at Niagara University offers you a structured program designed to help you think systematically about your options.

As you progress through the program, you will gain the tools to make an informed decision, based on guided self-reflection and the information you will gather about the many career options available to you.

Understanding Yourself

You will ask yourself the important questions: "Who am I?", "What do I like to do?", "What is really important in my work and life?" The goal of this phase is to achieve a greater understanding of yourself and to address the question: "What do I want to do in my career in the health professions?"

Exploring Options

You will explore the variety of health care specialties as well as the other career options available to you in the health professions. As you meet and talk with health care professionals in various specialties, you will begin to learn about what professionals do in these areas, gaining a real-world perspective on their specialties.

Choosing a Specialty in the Health Professions

Once you have collected enough information on all of the possibilities, you will then compare what you have learned about yourself in the first phase with the information you have gathered about the specialties and other health career options you are considering. The pre health advisor can help you select a health care specialty you will pursue during professional school.

Getting into Professional School

In this phase the pre health advisor can guide you through applying for and being accepted into a professional school. You will find valuable information and tips about the application process, interviewing, and what makes a competitive applicant, along with things to consider in completing your undergraduate program and beginning professional school.