Writing Studies Minor

What will a Writing Studies Minor help me do?

The Writing Studies minor:

  1. Fosters students' development as writers and leads to recognition of excellent writing ability.
  2. Strengthens writing instruction across the disciplines.
  3. Prepares students for the steadily increasing number of specialized writing positions or for writing-intensive positions in other fields.
  4. Helps students gain experience writing in collaborative settings.

Students who are primarily interested in literature/literary study should pursue the English minor instead.

How do I minor in Writing Studies?

  • Take three core courses (CMS 120; ENG 261; ENG/WRT 231) and three elective courses from the list to complete a minor in Writing Studies. Substitutions or changes need to be approved by the minor coordinator.
  • Take at least three writing studies courses outside of your major department.
    For example, if you're an English major, you have to take at least three courses which aren't ENG courses (such as CMS courses or THR courses). If you're a CMS major, you have to take at least three courses which aren't CMS courses (such as ENG courses or THR courses). ENG courses may also be cross-listed as WRT courses; if this is the case, sign up for the WRT prefixed version of the course if you are an English major.
  • Complete a minor application form with the College of Arts and Sciences via myNU so that the minor will appear on your transcript.

What courses are part of the minor?

Core Courses

You must take all three (3) of these courses:

  • CMS 120, Media Writing
    A specialized discussion of how to communicate through the mass media, focusing on the planning and writing of effective messages for print, radio, television, and web media. For analysis purposes, the student concentrates on journalism and public relations and their communicative and social role in contemporary society.
  • ENG/WRT 231, Business Communication
    Emphasizes practical techniques of professional communication through the study of theories and practices of workplace communication. Students acquire and practice a variety of oral and written communication techniques through analysis, research, synthesis, and creation of workplace-focused documents such as memos, emails, reports, visuals, and other types of documents.
  • ENG/WRT 261, Methods of Writing Studies
    A seminar introducing students to key concepts, historical developments, and methodologies within Writing Studies as well as how to locate, evaluate, and properly cite field-specific scholarship. Students practice field-specific research strategies including rhetorical analysis and produce a variety of creative, academic, and professional texts reflecting the diversity of the discipline.

Students who declared or pursued a Writing Studies minor before the 2017-2018 school year may use the requirements in the previous catalog and do not have to take WRT 261.

Elective courses

You can take any three (3) of these courses:

  • ENG/WRT 221 Creative Writing
  • ENG/CMS 223 Creative Nonfiction
  • ENG/WRT 321 Poetry Writing
  • ENG 341 Editing and Collaboration
  • ENG/WRT 342 Special Topics in Web Writing
  • ENG/WRT 343 Studies in Rhetorical Theory (can be taken more than once with different topics)
  • ENG/WRT 345 Science Writing
  • ENG/WRT 346 Visual Rhetoric
  • ENG/WRT 348 Ethnography and Travel Writing
  • ENG/WRT 350 Style
  • ENG/WRT 351 Grant Writing
  • ENG 355 Teaching Composition
  • ENG 356 Grammar: Theory and Practice
  • ENG 493-6  Internship/Co-Op
  • CMS 221 Screenwriting
  • CMS 222 Digital Journalism
  • CMS 226 Specialty Journalism
  • CMS 335 Media Investigation
  • CMS 360 Special Topics (Writing-Focused)
  • THR 329 Play Writing

Courses not on this list can be approved by coordinator of the writing minor; please contact Dr. Karper before you register for a course not on this list.

Writing 100 is a pre-requisite for all upper-level writing courses offered by the Department of English; CMS 120 is a pre-requisite for most of the upper level courses offered by Communication Studies. Students are strongly encouraged to take Creative Writing (ENG/WRT 221) before taking Poetry Writing (ENG/WRT 321).

What if I have a question about the writing studies minor?

Please contact Dr. Erin Karper, writing studies minor coordinator, with any questions about the minor or approved courses.