Name Phone Email
Dr. Jennifer Beebe
716.286.8182 jbeebe(at)
Dr. Frances Crosby
Professor of Nursing
716.285.8155 fcrosby(at)
Dr. Michael Durfee
Assistant Professor of History
716.286.8082 mdurfee(at)
Professor Marian Granfield
Director, Art History Major with Museum Studies
716.286.8367 Send Email
Ms. Sharon Green, M.A. 716.286.8071 sgreen(at)
Ms. Averl Harbin, M.A.
Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs
716.286.8406 aharbin(at)
Professor Kevin A. Hinkley
Visiting Professor of Political Science; Pre-Law Advisor
716.286.8194 khinkley(at)
Dr. Jeanne Laurel
Professor of English
716.286.8628 jlaurel(at)
Dr. Bridget Moriarty
Assistant Professor of Theater
716.286.8464 bmoriarty(at)
Dr. Dana Radatz
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
716.286.8092 dradatz(at)
Dr. Marissa Rhodes
Visiting Professor of History
716-286-8091 Send Email
Dr. Shannon M. Risk
Associate Professor of History; Director, Women's Studies Program
716.286.8084 srisk(at)
Dr. Hope Russell
Adjunct Professor of Women's Studies
716.286.8084 hrussell(at)
Dr. John P. Sauter, Jr.
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
716.286.8062 jps(at)
Dr. Joseph Sirianni
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
716.286.8577 jsirianni(at)
Dr. Yonghong Tong
Assistant Professor of Computer Information Science
716.286.8450 ytong(at)