Withdrawing from Niagara University

If a college student wishes to discontinue their attendance at NU and they have no plans to return, they should choose the appropriate steps to follow. A parent/guardian cannot withdraw their college student.  Students need to be aware of the academic and financial implications of their withdrawal based on the date of the request. 

Typically, a withdrawal in the first two weeks of the semester will leave no academic grade on the student's record.  After two weeks a grade of "W" will be assigned to all coursework.  If the student withdraws after the 11th week, a student will receive an "F" rather than a "W" if the student is not passing the course at the time of the request.  Regardless students should consult the posted Academic Calendars for these deadlines, as well as the refund and liability calendars posted with Student Accounts to assess any financial liability. 

The following procedures have been designed to assist the college student. Following these guidelines will avoid unnecessary charges and ensure that all applicable refunds are received. If you have any question or need help, please contact the Records Office.

Steps To Follow If You're On Campus

  • Withdrawing from Niagara should begin with visiting your advisor. If your advisor is not available, contact your department chair or your academic dean’s office.
  • Registered students need to withdraw by sending an email to the Registrar stating their intent and reason for withdrawing.
  • Resident students must follow checkout procedures outlined by the Housing Office.
  • Students enrolled in NUOP, ROTC or students who have a student emergency loan must visit those offices.
  • Students receiving federal, state or university financial aid must stop at the Financial Aid Office.
  • All students must stop at the Student Accounts Office.
  • Please return the completed form to the Records Office.

Steps To Follow If You're Not On Campus

If you are unable to withdraw in person, you must inform your academic dean in writing. This can be by mailed letter, fax or email using your NU-assigned email address. Once this withdrawal is received by your dean’s office, paperwork will be processed and each office will be notified. If you are a resident student, you must contact the Housing Office to discuss checkout procedures.

Leave of Absence

A student may need to request a temporary leave from the university on the basis of medical needs, military service/deployment, planned academic pauses based on course offerings, and unforeseen personal reasons/circumstances. This leave may be planned in advance and intentional where the student requests a leave for a semester or two at the conclusion of the current term in progress, or it may be of an immediate nature arising within the current semester due to an unforeseen circumstance. In both cases, the student - if approved - withdraws from the University under the normal withdrawal guidelines and dates above, but they will not need to re-apply upon their return.

Students may apply for a Leave of Absence by filling out the form under the Academic Section in their myNU account.

Students with questions should contact the Registrar.

IMPORTANT: Although a student does not have to reapply upon returning after the leave, Niagara’s policy is not an approved Title IV leave of absence; they won’t be considered as having in-school status during their leave for repayment status; these students are treated and reported as a withdrawal for Title IV purposes.