Why Niagara University's Ph.D. Program?

Why Niagara University's Ph.D. Program?

by Jamie K. Lanier on November 12, 2014
Why Niagara University's Ph.D. Program?


Why NU? There are several reasons why.

Primarily, the people. Everyone at NU carries a warm spirit and is always willing to help. When considering a Ph.D. program, I contacted several schools and not too many were welcoming, except NU. Upon my initial contact, I immediately felt at ease. Each faculty member always was - and still is - willing to help.

When I finally chose NU, the application process was simple; I uploaded my required documents as they became available. Once this occurred, I received an email confirming my complete application had been received. After a few weeks, I was scheduled for an interview. For the first time, I participated in an interview that was fun! Once again, the faculty made me feel comfortable. This is no act, everyone at NU is caring and wants each student to succeed.

Now that I have been accepted and started the program, I found a few resources which are extremely helpful: EbscoHost, ProQuest, Noodles, and the NU library. For the first class, all students were introduced to the librarians and taught how to register for myNU. With this, the additional resources were provided.

Balancing work and school is always a challenge. So, I carry my books and iPad with me wherever I go. I read during my breaks or during a short lull. Even if I am reading for five minutes, I am one page closer to finishing my work. I try not to focus on what I don't have done, but focus on what is done. This keeps me encouraged and motivates me to move forward.

This program is designed to train future leaders. The work is not insurmountable. At first, it may seem overwhelming, especially after not being in school for a while. But Dr. Polka and the other instructors are prepared for that. They guide us along the way, in baby steps, to ensure we all capture what is taught, and to complete assignments. I no longer stress about my work, because I know it will get done.

That's what a Ph.D. student does - gets it done!