Why Niagara University's Literacy Instruction Program?

  • Supports teachers in applying the principles of effective literacy instruction to all learners.
  • Empowers teachers to address a variety of literacy strengths and needs in both traditional and inclusive classrooms with learners of diverse cultural, ethnic, linguistic, racial, and social backgrounds.
  • Enables teachers to identify learners with literacy difficulties through appropriate assessments, early intervention and curricular adaptation.
  • Aids teachers in analyzing the social and political context in which literacy instruction takes place in order to understand and influence paradigm shifts and policy decisions.
  • Prepares teachers to address the unique relationship of reading with writing and the instructional implications of this relationship.
  • Builds capacity in teachers for understanding and interpreting outstanding contemporary and classical works of children’s literature and the means for introducing them to children.
  • Provides teachers with experience in interpreting and critiquing both print and electronic research reports related to literacy.