Why are Niagara University Students So Happy?

Why are Niagara University Students So Happy?

by Shelbie Handville on March 26, 2015
Why are Niagara University Students So Happy?

People continually ask me, “How are you always so optimistic and ‘bubbly?” I work three jobs, and I am a full-time (12 credits each semester) graduate student. I tend to be a very busy person, yet I always walk around campus with a smile on my face. Recently, I have come to notice that it is not just me, all Niagara University students seem to beaming regularly.

This brings us to the question, why are Niagara University students so happy? I have come up with three main conclusions to answer that question: the staff, the financial aid, and the atmosphere.

The professors alone are enough to put a smile on the students' faces. Not only are the professors here phenomenal teachers, but they are also truly there for their students. I have never met more kind, caring and compassionate people. The teaching staff deserves a lot of credit, but so do all the other employees of Niagara! From those who work in the offices to those serving food in the dining hall, I have never met an uncaring person.

One of students' biggest concerns about attending school is, "How am I going to pay for this?" College is not a cheap investment and the price alone can be enough to scare people off. Another reason there are so many smiling faces around Niagara is because the students here do not have the financial worries of a traditional student. Niagara provides countless opportunities for financial aid, scholarship and work-study programs to help make the dream of an education a possibility for anyone.

Lastly, the atmosphere here is enough to make anyone smile. The campus in itself is stunning, with timelessly classic architecture, gorgeous landscapes (when they are not covered in snow) and an amazing view of the most beautiful river one could imagine. However, it is not only the campus that is beautiful, so are the people on it! You could smile and wave to anyone on this campus and they will return it. Niagara has done what many cannot: it has created a campus with a very “friendly, small-town feel to it.”

So when I am asked, “Why are Niagara University students so happy?” The answer to me is self-explanatory.