What Can I Do With A Liberal Arts Degree

A bachelor of arts degree in liberal arts can provide excellent preparation for life beyond Niagara University, whether immediate employment or further study in graduate school. According to a 2013 study by Hart Research Associates, 80% of employers value "Broad knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences," in addition to other skills cultivated in NU's liberal arts program, such as innovation and problem-solving (Employee-Skills.pdf).

What sort of careers could I pursue?

The career possibilities open to liberal arts majors depend largely upon the particular program that is followed. A unique feature of the liberal arts program, in fact, is its requirement that all students begin identifying possible career paths that their major will open up for them from the very start of their academic career. This formal reflection built into the proposal process will continue until the completion of the program.

There are several good sources for career information relevant to particular programs of study.

Additional resources can be identified through these sites or in consultation with faculty/staff.

Will someone with an individualized major be able to get a job?

Most employers are interested in hiring people who they know will bring curiosity, creativity, and initiative to their jobs. A liberal arts major will immediately set you apart as someone who has already demonstrated each of these qualities. A degree in liberal arts means that you were curious about different perspectives on the world, that you created your own major rather than followed an already established path, and that you took the initiative in your own learning and career preparation. In fact, an interview question about your liberal arts major will give you an excellent chance to highlight these points, and thus make yourself stand out among other candidates for a position.

Can I get into graduate school with a liberal arts degree?

Just like employers, graduate schools are certainly interested in finding creative and self-motivated students. Moreover, by its very nature, a degree in liberal arts will engage in the type of interdisciplinary study that is coming more and more to the forefront in institutes of higher learning. The planning and execution of a program of study that you will accomplish as a liberal arts major will be excellent preparation for graduate study — and an impressive accomplishment to highlight on your graduate school application!