Web & Media Services

The Niagara University Website serves as an information tool that caters to a wide audience. Some of its potential visitors include current and potential students, alumni, faculty and staff, sports fans, researchers, and the community.   With this in mind, it is important that some guidelines exist to assist those in development of all the different types of sites that may fall under the niagara.edu domain.

The Niagara University Website has evolved greatly over the years.   It started out as a simple site catering mostly to potential students in 1995.   Over the years, departmental sites were developed and faculty began developing sites as well.   Service departments on campus developed Websites to support staff and faculty, as well as their own internal information needs.  

Today, the site is a robust collection of information from almost every area on campus and utilizes the latest internet technologies including streaming video, 360° panoramic pictures, dynamic content using PHP, and database connectivity. The Office of Information Technology is equipped with skilled staff and many state-of-the-art resources to develop the various sites offered to such a diverse audience. 

All pages and contributions to the niagara.edu domain become part of the Niagara University website, and all rights to those materials shall be owned and controlled by Niagara University.