Ways the Writing Center Can Help You throughout the Writing Process

During the pre-writing stage, we can:

-  Help you start researching.

-  Talk with you as you generate ideas.

-  Work with you to clarify course readings.

-  Teach you pre-writing strategies.

-  Help you refine your topic or thesis.

-  Discuss ways to organize your paper.

Early in the writing process, we can:

-  Help you continue to refine your research.

-  Talk with you as you generate and refine ideas.

-  Help you create and refine your thesis.

-  Discuss alternative viewpoints you may want to consider.

-  Discuss ways to organize your ideas.

-  Show you how to paraphrase and quote sources so you can avoid unintentional plagiarism.

Later in the writing process, we can:

-  Help you evaluate your paper's organization.

-  Help you evaluate your major arguments.

-  Show you strategies for introductions and conclusions.

-  Work with you on proper citation methods.

-  Continue to work on paraphrasing, quoting, attributing sources, and Works Cited/References pages.

-  Help you spot grammatical errors and show you how to identify and correct these errors.

What we cannot do:

-  We cannot proofread or edit your paper for you.  Instead, our goal is to help you identify the writing issues you struggle with the most, and teach you skills you can apply to this paper and future papers.

-  We cannot write the paper for you.

- While we are happy to discuss ideas with you, we are not experts in all subjects areas.  If you have in-depth content questions, you may want to meet with your professor first.

Steps you can take to improve your experience in the Writing Center:

-  Bring you syllabus and a description of the writing assignment.

-  Come with specific questions.

-  Come prepared to play an active role in the sessions.

-  Come well before your paper is due.