Vincentian Scholarship Announcement

Vincentian Scholarship Announcement

The Eastern Province of the Congregation of the Mission made a $1 million gift to NU to establish an endowed scholarship fund.

I begin my remarks today by thanking Fr. Michael Carroll, the provincial superior of the Eastern Province of the Vincentian community, and the Vincentian community for their continued support and sponsorship of Niagara University.

It gives me great pleasure to announce today that Niagara University has received a $1 million gift from the Eastern Province of the Congregation of the Mission.

The generous gift will be used to help educate international members of the Vincentian community, those from around the world who have pledged to embody the values of St. Vincent.

Closer to home, it will also help us offer new scholarships to incoming students who are in good academic standing and have demonstrated an affinity to NU’s Catholic and Vincentian mission through outstanding participation in service activities in high school.

As many of you know, Niagara University was founded by two Vincentian priests in 1856:  Fr. John Timon, C.M., and Fr. John Lynch, C.M., seeking at that time to prepare young men for the priesthood and to be citizens for society. 

Just as they had answered the calling to priesthood and life as Vincentians, they sought to build an educational mission, which, in the true spirit of St. Vincent, invited others from all walks of life to share in their calling.

Niagara University was established as the College and Seminary of Our Lady of Angels, opening its doors with six students and two faculty members. Today, we have close to 160 faculty members and 4,000 total students. A lot has changed, but there is one thing that has remained timeless: God’s gift of the Vincentian community or, as St. Vincent described,  the “little company,” a fledgling group of priests and brothers who sought to share their mission to service the poor, society and the church.  

Niagara University was born of that spirit, seeking to inculcate the eternal gift of faith in God and humanity to do and become more than it can on its own. It is precisely by emptying ourselves in service, faith, education, teaching and research that has led Niagara University to grow beyond its founders’ original intent.   

Today, we give thanks for the gift of the Vincentian community and the partnership of Niagara University, for our wonderfully talented and dedicated faculty, administrators and staff who commit themselves to our mission and our students and alumni, who challenge us every day to excellence.

Like Niagara’s first gifts, the Vedder and DeVeaux farms, this gift is meant to be shared to advance our university and mission. Let’s continue to challenge ourselves to share our gifts to advance our university, mission and the students we seek to serve.