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Video Services

IT Video Services

The department of information technology offers many video based services that available to the entire University community.

Studio Shoots

A full service, high-definition, 3-camera studio facility with lots of new and exciting capabilities.

  • Wide variety of backdrops & curtains
  • Chroma key backdrop — “Be virtually anywhere”
  • Uniset desk system — 7 different desks in 1
  • Full graphics packages
  • Large music & sound effects library
  • Professional studio lighting equipment
  • 2 teleprompters for script-based shoots
  • Sound isolation booth for multi-purpose audio recording

Location Shoots

Our campus videographer is capable of handling coverage of any event on or off campus. Our field equipment includes a High-definition camera, wireless microphones and a professional travel lighting kit.

  • Event coverage for speakers, special events, conferences, etc.
  • Interviews
  • Location production
  • Off-campus shooting services available

Post Production

IT has just recently transitioned into a Mac-based editing workflow, featuring professional quality Apple hardware and software. Take your raw video to the next level with the help from our post facility.

  • High-definition digital video editing
  • Full graphics & identity packages
  • Custom soundtracks and music beds
  • 2D & 2 1/2D animation
  • Color Correction & audio sweetening/repair


Now that your project is done shooting and editing, how are you going to show people your finished product? We offer a wide variety of ways to get your video to your audience.

  • DVD authoring and production
  • Web video creation
  • Digital file handoff
  • Limited media duplication service available

Production Assistance & Training

Have you ever wanted to add a video to your website or video tape that big annual conference? We can help you with all your video and production questions.

  • Phone support
  • On-site support
  • Scheduled meetings in computer lab or TV studio
  • Links for online articles & video tutorials
  • Many programs covered, including applications from Adobe, Apple & Avid
  • Support for production equipment available