Victoria Goupil

Tour Guide

Victoria Goupil

About Victoria

Hometown: Wheatfield, NY
Major: Marketing
Grad Year: 2024

Involvement on-campus:

  • Marketing Student Assistant
  • Assistant for Office of Enrollment Management
  • Tour Guide
  • NUMA
  • NU Ambassador Club
  • Commuter Advocacy Board

What is your favorite thing about NU?

The opportunities for students to get involved in their desired field of study through clubs, activities, and departments on campus. The personalized attention from the faculty as well as the sense of community makes it feel like a home away from home for me.

What is your favorite place on campus?

Gallagher Center and the Clubs and Organizations Office. These spaces are great for hanging out with friends as well as eating and getting homework done in between classes.

What does the Power of Niagara mean to you?

Sense of community, empowerment, integrity and enlightenment.

What is the best thing about your major?

Class variety which enables exposure to the various aspects of marketing. Plus, opportunities to minor in a number of different business fields.

What is your favorite club or organization that you are involved in?

Niagara University Marketing Association (NUMA). This academic club allows me to gain additional exposure to the field of marketing. Through this club, I’ve participated in networking events, discussions with guest speakers, and the NGA Student Case Competition.