Regents Award for Child Veterans (CV)

Eligibility: Children of veterans who are deceased, 40 percent or more disabled, former POWs, or MIA as a result of service during certain specified conflicts.

Criteria for Selection: Recipients must meet all  eligibility requirements. Students must be a U.S. citizen, a New York state resident, a full-time matriculated student and make satisfactory academic progress.

Award Schedule: $450 per year, for up to five years, depending on the normal length of the program.

Responsibilities of Recipients:  File annually the FAFSA and TAP application and in addition, file the CV Award Supplement available on request from NYSHESC: 1.888.697.4372.

Afghanistan Veterans Tuition Award Program (AVTA)
Persian Gulf Veterans Tuition Award Program (PGVTA)
Vietnam Veterans   Tuition Award Program (VVTA)

Eligibility: To qualify, undergraduates must meet the New York state residency requirements. For VVTA, applicants must have served in the armed forces in Indochina between December 1961 and May 1975 and meet other eligibility requirements. Persian Gulf veterans  must have served in hostilities beginning Aug. 2, 1990. Afghanistan veterans must have served on or after Sept. 11, 2001. For all programs, applicants must be discharged under other than dishonorable conditions. In addition, applicants must file the Veterans Award Supplement to establish eligibility. Call NYSHESC at 1.888.697.4372 for information.

Criteria for Selection: Students must complete all eligibility requirements, including filing for TAP and Federal Pell grants, demonstrate good academic standing and meet pursuit of program requirements.

Award Schedule: Awards are $1,000 per semester for full-time study; $500 per semester for part-time study. Awards cannot exceed cost of tuition.

Responsibilities of Recipients:  Annually file the FAFSA, Express Tap Application and VVTA or PGVTA Supplement. After initial year of eligibility is established, students must refile supplement yearly for part-time study only.

Military Service Recognition Scholarship

Eligibility: Members of the armed forces of the U.S. or state-organized militia who, while New York state (NYS) residents, at any time on or after Aug. 2, 1990, became severely and permanently disabled as a result of injury or illness suffered or incurred in a combat theatre or combat zone or during military training operations in preparation for duty in a combat theatre or combat zone of operation. Also, children, spouses and financial dependents of member of the above forces who were NYS residents at any time on or after Aug. 2, 1990, died, became severely and permanently disabled as a result of injuries suffered or incurred, or are classified missing in action as a result of military activities as described above.

Criteria for Selection: Must submit documentation supporting eligibility. Must be a full-time undergraduate student in an approved NYS post-secondary institution.

Award Schedule: An amount equal to SUNY four-year college tuition and average mandatory educational fees and allowances for room and board, books, supplies and transportation.

Responsibilities of Recipients: Annually file the FAFSA and express TAP application and the award supplement form, which is available on request from NYSHESC. For more information, contact HESC at 1.888.697.4372.