University Planning and Resource Council

The University Planning and Resource Council (UPRC) is responsible for long-term planning, as well as for promoting, implementing, and assessing the strategic plan by establishing measurable goals, objectives and indicators of institutional effectiveness. The UPRC, therefore, creates on-going linkages between assessment, planning and resource development and allocations. The Council provides evidence-based input linking strategic planning with implementation and facilitates the development, evolution, and accountability for the strategic plan itself. Based on established measures of accountability across the university, the UPRC reports progress to dashboards and key indicators on an annual basis.

Standing committees of the UPRC:

  • Executive Committee
  • Institutional Effectiveness and Reporting Committee
  • University Budget Board

Strategic committees of the UPRC:

  • Diversity Committee
  • Master Plan Committee
  • Retention Committee
  • Sustainability Committee
  • Technology Committee