Upcoming Course Offerings

To help our students plan, we list here the probable upcoming course offerings within our department for biochemistry and chemistry majors. This listing is subject to change without notice. Official course offerings will be made available through the University's course offerings page.

Courses offered every fall semester:

  • CHE 111/113L: General Chemistry I and lab
  • CHE 221/223L: Organic Chemistry I and lab
  • CHE 227/229L: Analytical Chemistry and lab
  • PHY 121/123L: General Physics I and lab
  • CHE 331/333L: Physical Chemistry I and lab
  • CHE 345/347L: Biochemistry I and lab
  • CHE 469: Written and Oral Reports (2 credits)

Courses offered every spring semester:

  • CHE 112/114L: General Chemistry II and lab
  • CHE 222/224L: Organic Chemistry II and lab
  • PHY 122/124L: General Physics II and lab
  • CHE 345/347L: Biochemistry II and lab
  • CHE 467: Career Seminar (1 credit)

Fall of even years (e.g. Fall 2016):

  • CHE 310: Spectroscopy
  • PHY 323: Modern Physics

Spring of odd years (e.g. Spring 2017):

  • CHE 338/340L: Instrumental Analysis and lab
  • CHE 332/334L: Physical Chemistry II and lab
  • CHE 325: Medicinal Chemistry

Fall of odd years (e.g. Fall 2017):

  • CHE 443/445L: Advanced Organic Chemistry and lab

Spring of even years (e.g. Spring 2018):

  • CHE 377/379L: Environmental Chemistry and lab
  • CHE 442/444L: Inorganic Chemistry and lab
  • CHE 465: Computational Chemistry