General Counsel

The general counsel manages the legal affairs of the university, from contracts and intellectual property, to the oversight of litigation and the hiring of outside counsel.  

The general counsel also provides in-house legal services to NU's Board of Trustees, administration and faculty. This responsibility includes advice related to state and federal compliance programs, real and intellectual property management, municipal law, NCAA regulations, policy development, NIMS-compliant crisis response, employee and student training, and pro bono services.

Staff include:

  • Stephanie (Cole) Adams, Esq., General Counsel
  • Katie Cauley, Legal Secretary
  • Claudia Fleckenstein, Administrative Assistant (shared with Planning)
  • Ryan Thompson, Esq., Assistant General Counsel

To find our office:

The General Counsel's Office is located in O'Shea Hall, one of the two residential towers on campus. Prior to visiting, make sure you have a permit to park at Niagara University (permits can be obtained at Campus Safety, at the intersection of Monteagle Trail and University Drive). The best lot to use is the "O'Shea Lot." Once you are at O'Shea, you can find us in the basement (we save the prestige space for our mission: educating students). Enter the main doors, take the staircase down, and turn right.

Please call ext. 8384 if you have trouble locating us, and we'll find you in the main lobby.