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Regular services through the GC's Office:

  • Contract Review
  • Policy Development
  • Compliance Programs
  • Notary Public
  • Legal Consultation for Business Development and Strategic Planning  
  • Real and Intellectual Property Management
  • Litigation Coordination
  • Staff Training
  • Assistance to Students

Contract Review

The GC and Assistant GC are on staff to assist university employees in either the negotiation or final review of contracts.

University policy requires that the General Counsel, or the Assistant Counsel, review contracts prior to their being signed by an authorized signer; however, any time there is a question regarding a contract, please feel free to send it along.

The contracts database on myNU maintains copies of all contracts, and has form contracts available regarding frequent business arrangements (speaking engagements, facility use, copyright assignment, FERPA release, on-campus vendors, etc). Please know that form contracts must be reviewed prior to signature.

Policy Development

NU policies can be found and developed at Employees who wish to develop policy are welcome to consult the counsel at any point in the process.

Staff Trainings

Coordinating with the various departments at NU, the GC offers trainings on a variety of legal issues. To date, topics have included university policy, FERPA, social networking, Clery Act compliance, civil rights, discrimination, copyrights, trademarks and patents.

Notary Public

The GC office has two staff able to notarize documents. Members of the Niagara University community (students and employees) may have their documents notarized by appointment. Be sure to bring a picture I.D., and don't sign the document until you are in the presence of the notary.

In-House Consultation

Typically, direct requests for GC advice and input may only be made by an officer, dean, or director. At times, however, one of these "regular contacts" will delegate a person authorized to work on a specific matter.  However, we're here to help, so if there is a critical situation, please consider us available.

A Resource for Students

While the GC works solely for the university and may not represent or advise students, employees hoping to steer students in the right direction during a difficult time can call the GC Office to get insight where students can find the resources they need.