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This course introduces students to the extensive range of career growth and opportunity in the travel management industry. Students will gain the skills and knowledge to lead in the travel industry by learning the big picture viewpoint of the travel industry as well as a perspective on the multidimensional components of this global business. Students will be introduced to the current trends impacting both the industry as a whole and the individual traveler. The course will explore career paths available within travel management organizations.

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate thought leadership skills which enhance personal and professional success in the travel industry
  • Understand and explain basic product definitions of travel and tourism
  • Identify the major suppliers, travel management companies, and technology that shape the travel industry
  • Understand what makes the services industry unique
  • Describe the factors that have influenced the tremendous growth in global and domestic travel
  • Understand the tourism system: supply, demand & promotion
  • Identify current trends and future opportunities in travel and tourism
  • Describe the multifaceted landscape of travel management

An introduction to world tourism destinations and markets, including an exploration of physical, cultural and geopolitical influences on the travel and tourism industry. International travel and world geography are linked in a fundamental way. By definition, geography focuses on space and places special emphasis on the location of destinations, characteristics of tourist markets, and the transportation infrastructure and hospitality superstructure found in major destinations. The course also introduces students to a social analysis of host/guest relationships and provides an opportunity to discuss the critical role tourism plays in international economics and politics.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding physical and human geography
  • Developing cross-cultural communication skills
  • Becoming aware of global business and travel trends
  • Understanding protocols and priorities in different regions 

This innovative comprehensive integrative program is where the theoretical and practical applications converge. Students are given the skill set and professional experience necessary to become leaders in the travel industry. This course will include marketing and sales strategies designed to attract and retain markets and customers with specific needs, and explain techniques to meet those needs as part of the travel management industry.

Course Objectives

  • Strengthen personal sales & Leadership skills
  • Demonstrate an understanding of ROI
  • Demonstrate Leadership and Professionalism 

Schedule & Deadlines

Course/InternshipStart DateEnd date
Introduction to Travel Management 8/27/2018 9/21/2018
International Business in Travel 9/24/2018 10/23/2018
Excellence in Sales and Service 10/24/2018 11/20/2018
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CourseCredit Per Course
TRM 441 XA ONL Introduction to Travel Management 1
TRM 441 XB ONL International Business of Travel 1
TRM 441 XC ONL Excellence in Sales and Service 1

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Dropping A Class

Refund Schedule for 8 or Fewer ClassesRefund Percentage of Tuition Charged
First Class 100%
Second Class 40%
Third Class 0%