Travel Arrangements

Air Travel:Traveling Abroad

If you have to make your own travel arrangements, check with several airlines for the best deals. You can also search airfares through as a benefit of your international student ID.

  • It is recommended that you purchase travel insurance in case of flight cancellation, travel delays, illness or similar circumstances.
  • When comparing airlines, know the cost of checking luggage. You might be comparing two airlines of similar price, but the additional price of checking luggage might be the differentiating factor.
  • Consider the possible flight connections and if they allow a comfortable amount of time to change planes. Consider international flights usually board at least an hour early. The gates could be far apart and you may need to transfer luggage from domestic to international or vice versa.

If your travel arrangements are made by the sponsoring program, inquire about the type of fare you are purchasing. If it is a charter or group fare, with established departure and return dates and nonrefundable clauses in the prepaid travel plans, you may buy international traveler refund insurance. This inexpensive policy will protect you from losing money you've paid, should you cancel your trip because of last minute illnesses or injuries. The insurance provides selected amounts of coverage to insure the nonrefundable portion of the prepaid travel expenses. Note that this insurance applies only to cases of illness or death of an immediate family member. If you decide not to go on the trip for reasons other than those listed above, the insurance will not apply.

  • Student Universe: This airline reservation site finds cheap flight deals for students.
  • CheapFlights: This site is ideal for all, especially students and parents.


(Check with your program to determine if you should purchase a rail pass.) Some rates require that you purchase all passes in the United States before you depart. You can purchase rail passes with your ISIC ID number through This website offers the most recent pricing on select pass and flexipass information.

  • Make sure you look at the benefits of a flexipass, which allows a certain number of days travel over a period of consecutive days (i.e. seven days).
  • Eurail Youthpasses:¬†Must be purchased in the United States, at travel agencies or STATravel. They are valid everywhere in Europe, except the United Kingdom. For prices and pass information, visit¬†
  • Britrail Youth Passes: Can be purchased in the United Kingdom for different lengths of time. Visit for information.
  • Interrail is excellent. It can be purchased in Luxembourg or Portugal.
  • NU students who have traveled abroad recommend Transalpino, a pass sold in Europe.