NU Policies

Procedures governing the Office for Equity & Inclusion

Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Includes information on the policies and procedures surrounding discrimination and the role of the OEI. 

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Sets the process for handling sexual misconduct, per Title IX, VAWA, Clery, and NY Education Law 129B

Student Code of Conduct 

Behavior that violates university standards of conduct listed here and elsewhere will be subject to educative action through the appropriate student conduct process.

Niagara University Policies

All of the most up to date policies are located at the NU Policy Development page.

Supportive Measures

Regardless of where the conduct occurred, who was involved, or to what degree an individual decides to report the incident, supportive measures are often available. Most commonly, these measures include class changes, dorm room transfers, or other academic accommodations that are necessary to assist a student who is being unfairly disadvantaged by actions or trauma related to an incident of discrimination or violence.

Interim Measures

Even without a formal report,  it is encouraged that parties work with the OEI to request interim measures that could be of assistance. Interim measures include No Contact Orders and Campus Bans which may be available on a case by case basis.