3 Tips for Taking an Online Graduate Program

3 Tips for Taking an Online Graduate Program

Transitioning from undergraduate to graduate is not an easy task…especially when your graduate program is fully online! An online program presents a new set of responsibilities that include, above all, self-motivation. With this said, I would like to share a few tips that can help you be successful in an online program:

Tip 1 – Syllabus, Syllabus, Syllabus!!!

Just like a professor would do in a seated class, online professors will make their syllabus available to you at the beginning of the course. This document is your best friend! Make a calendar of due dates, write down all of your assignments, make sure you can locate all of the necessary materials, and make sure you understand how the class will be run! Due to the fact that each professor sets up their online classes a little differently, you must be proactive and learn how to navigate your online courses!

Tip 2 – Check Daily

When you are in seated classes you have classwork during class and assignments. When you are in an online class, you have ongoing assignments that require you to stay on top of your posts, your peers' feedback, and your professor’s announcements. Does this sound like a lot? Yes. However, if you check your course daily, you will not be overwhelmed!

Tip 3 – Participate

An online program gives you the unique opportunity to control where and when you do your grad work. Want to write a response to a discussion board while in your pajamas in bed? Sure! Want to take an assessment in your favorite coffee shop? Go ahead! To get the most out of this kind of experience, you must take part in all aspects of your online courses. Read the inputs of your peers and their take on the information, participate in discussions with your classmates on topics of interest, engage in meaningful debates and construct your own ideas. What you get out of the online courses depends on how much you put in!

If you are considering taking an online program, there is no better place to do it then Niagara University. As a student who has taken both seated classes as an undergraduate, and now online classes as a graduate, I can assure you that the education provided via online learning is second to none!