Alumni Spotlights

Tim Rudan, M.S.Ed.'01, Named "Greatest High School Teacher"

January 20, 2012 by Joe Kirchmyer

It's a simple fact of life: people change jobs and careers for a wide variety of reasons. For Tim Rudan, M.S.Ed.'01, that reason is something we'll label “banking industry burnout.”

“I averaged 75- to 80-hour work weeks and found myself in three cities every week,” Rudan said. “I should receive royalties from the producers of In the Air. I liked my job for the better part of my career, but life changes and, due to corporate reorganization, I found myself in a place and job I didn't care for anymore. It was lacking something.”

As a result, he left a successful decade-long career behind to chase something more fulfilling ”” a career in education.

Rudan enrolled in Niagara's master's degree program in education and shortly after graduating, the Toronto, Ontario, resident was hired by the Toronto District School Board. He worked at York Mills Collegiate for a semester before joining the faculty at Weston Collegiate, where he continues to teach Canadian and international law and a bit of French.

While Rudan may have found something lacking in the banking industry, he has certainly made an impact as an educator. In fact, on March 30, 2010, he was honored by the Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning as “Greatest High School Teacher.” He was nominated for the award by Kassandra Maharaj, his former student.

“Humbly, I do my job because I love my job,” Rudan said when asked about winning the impressive award. “I chose to work with inner-city youth and feel I learn along with them every day. That is the challenge to live up to. I will also miss the staff and students next year since I have been seconded to York University's Faculty of Education. The three-year placement will commence September 2010. I am very excited to be working with teacher candidates.”

At NU, Rudan said he learned a great deal that he can still share with his students today. “I am a strong advocate for NU,” he said. “My experiences with faculty such as Dr. Vermette, Dr. Foote and Dr. Sheeran helped me model the best practices and approaches to people and challenge them to learn.”