Third Party Private Scholarships

If the Student Accounts Office sends an invoice for a private scholarship the amount of the scholarship will be added to the student's financial aid package as an estimated award until the funds are received from the scholarship organization.

Please read your scholarship letter carefully to make sure you have completed all of the steps necessary to have it disbursed. Many scholarships require a copy of the bill, or first semester grades to disburse the scholarship.

This is when an agency, business or school sends in paperwork to Niagara University stating that they will be responsible for all or a percentage of the student's tuition, fees, and/or housing expenses.  The amount can vary per agency, business, or school.

If you receive a scholarship or loan check that is co-payable to yourself and Niagara University endorse the back of the check, and either bring it into the office, or mail it to the Student Account Office so that the funds can be applied to your tuition account.  Niagara University cannot endorse the scholarship or loan check back to the student.  We can only apply the funds to the student's tuition account. If you have a credit balance after all tuition expenses are covered we will refund you once all credits have been applied to your account.