Things NOT to Bring

In addition to the list of suggested items of things to bring to make your residence hall feel like your home, there are also a few things we would prefer you NOT to bring.  

Please note that under New York State (NYS) Fire Code and Niagara University policy, the items listed below are NOT permitted in the residence halls. Residence hall staff will conduct regular inspections throughout the year of each student room to ensure compliance with fire code. A NYS fire marshal will also conduct inspections of the residence halls.

  • Extension cords...but you CAN bring a UL certified power strip and they come in various lengths

  • Holiday lights

  • Curtains

  • Wall tapestries 

  • Bed/mattress (we’re giving you one!)...but you CAN bring things that will make your bed feel like your bed

  • Desk and desk chair (we’re giving you those too!)

  • Candles (any and all, including incense)

  • Weapons of any kind (including toys)

  • Pets...but you CAN have fish, which are allowed in tanks under 10 gallons

  • Octopus lamps...but you CAN bring desk lamps

  • Air conditioners...but you CAN bring a fan

  • Gas grills

  • Alcohol or any illegal drugs (this also includes paraphernalia)

  • Microwaves/toaster ovens/other cooking appliances...but these are available in floor lounges

  • Heating blankets...but you CAN bring your favorite blanket

  • Fireworks or explosives

Please feel free to contact us in the Office of Residence Life if you have any further questions about fire safety, fire code, an item you may be unsure about that isn't listed, or these specific items. Thank you for your cooperation!