Theatre Scholarships

In addition to the Niagara University Merit Scholarships, the department of theatre and fine arts offers various scholarship opportunities to prospective and current students.

Prospective Students

Incoming freshmen and transfer students declaring theatre as their primary major are eligible to receive a Niagara University Theatre Scholarship. Those students who wish to be considered for one of these scholarships, all of equal value, are required to audition and/or present a portfolio with interview. Entrance auditions and portfolio interviews will serve this dual purpose. The student's financial need and academic profile are taken into consideration as well.

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Current Students

Matriculated students enrolled in the B.F.A. programs are eligible to apply for various small scholarships annually. These include the Julie Burdick Memorial Scholarship, Powerhouse Training Program Scholarship, Douglas E. Towey Memorial Scholarship, Tara Laurie and Reese Family Memorial Study Abroad Scholarships, Suzanne P. Jones Memorial Scholarship, and more. Please see the Theatre Student Handbook for eligibility requirements, application procedures and policies.

For information on Niagara University's  merit scholarships, level tuition plan and more, please visit the Financial Aid page.