Lindsay M.  Pizzuto

Lindsay M. Pizzuto (2007)

Administrative Assistant, Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival; Production Development Supervisor, Busch Gardens Williamsburg Live Entertainment Department (2005-2011)

What I loved most about the NU theatre department was the sense of community and goal-oriented thinking. Students and professors maintained their structured roles in the classroom, but once it came down to putting up a show, it was all hands on deck and you were working side by side with your professors, your advisors and your mentors to achieve that goal. It's a unique, unparalleled experience that solidifies your knowledge and creates lasting memories.

Crew assignments and employment in the industry stand out in my mind as what helped me get to where I am. In life, nobody is “just” an actor, “just” a master electrician, or “just” a stage manager. I learned how to focus lights, design props, manage front-of-house and numerous other skills I might not have had a chance to learn in a larger program – and everything came in handy later. It was a crew assignment my freshman year that introduced me to stage management, which eventually led to my first job with Busch Gardens after my sophomore year at NU. I ended up staying with the company until 2011.

Actively seek opportunities and challenges both on and off campus, you never know where they will lead you!