Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy (2004)

Production Coordinator, Troika Entertainment

What I loved most about Niagara University was the people!  NU provided us with access to professionals who were working in the business and allowed us to interact with them in order to gain an understanding of what it takes to actually make it in a competitive business. This was done mostly through master classes and seminars with guest artists.

I would also say that providing small class training that allowed us more direct access to and quality time with our professors was also hugely important. Unlike some larger “seminars” that we took in connection with the liberal arts component, I was in some theatre classes with as few as eight other students. The value of more contact with the teachers cannot be overlooked when it comes to the overall quality of the program.  

The program at NU provided students with opportunities that went beyond merely performing onstage. While I was a “performance major,” I was afforded opportunities to stage manage, sound design, fight choreograph, choreograph, build sets and even rip the old track out of the Leary Theatre. These experiences brought with them a diversity that is critical to better understanding the individual components of a show and how those components come together to create a production. For what I do now – essentially bringing all the individual elements of large scale musicals together – it helps to have a working knowledge of everything.