John Overbeck

John Overbeck (1975)

Faculty Fellow, College of Business Administration, Niagara University

I was a student before there was an official theatre major at Niagara. We were the University Players and were made up of students from vitually every major on campus. We just loved being a part of something that can only be experienced in the theatre. Brother Augustine gave us a chance to think we were good and, on occasion, we really were. Bro. has many talents and one of them is to get the best out of those around him. Great leaders seem to have that talent.

"Learn by Doing" was Bro.'s approach to teaching and I believe it worked for me in the theatre and in my business career with IBM. It never meant not being prepared - just the opposite - but it did mean that eventually it was "show time."

Learning that we were part of a team and that the harder each of us worked, the better the final results would be was a very valuable lesson. I'd like to think that I used what I learned while at NU in my career and now am fortunate to pass it on to current students in my role on Niagara's faculty.