Brandon Sierra

Brandon Sierra (2004)

Agent, Dance Department at Clear Talent Group

The thing that I loved most about NU’s theatre department was the camaraderie and familial environment. It wasn’t just the staff and faculty that wanted the best of its students, but it really seemed like each and every one of us wanted to see each other succeed. It was a community. I formed great relationships/friendships at Niagara, many of whom are still present in my day to day life all these years later.

NU prepared me for success because of the open and versatile curriculum within the theatre department. We were exposed to a multitude of experiences and teachings. I’ve found time and again that the most natural path for personal and/or professional success within this industry is traveled by those individuals who possess such versatility, whether it be in their dance/performance abilities or knowledge of the industry as a whole. The education and guidance I received from my training at NU really allowed me to grow into myself while preparing me for life in the “industry” as a performer and now as a talent agent.