The Road to the American Dream

by Martin Gong on April 9, 2019
The Road to the American Dream

Martin Gong was a student in the MBA program with a focus in international business.

My name is Martin Gong. I am currently working as the international program specialist at the Brennan Center/International Relations Office at Niagara University. I started my experience at NU as an exchange student from Shanghai, China, in 2016 and then I came back for the MBA program in 2017.

To be honest, I was a little bit lucky to get here as I learned about the exchange program at NU from my roommate. The reason why I chose to come was because NU was in the United States and it would not cost a fortune; however, the reason why I stayed was because of my love for the people here, who are nice and devoted to help others.

I love different cultures and I also majored in international business. Due to globalization, it has never been easier to get access to a different culture on campus. I met a lot of friends at NU from all over the world. We study together, and we hang out together. We participate in sports and activities on campus. It has never occurred to me that college life could be so colorful. We cheer when the Buffalo Sabres win and we stay strong when great people like Stephen Hawking pass away.

I learned a lot when I was in the MBA program. My concentration covers a lot of areas and we have to learn everything related to business. None of them are only on the theoretical level. We always use what we learn in actual case studies. In all courses I attended, I like capstone: business research best. My teammates and I went on a field trip and developed a really helpful marketing plan for the business owner. We were even able to put the experience in our resume. I dare to say that not many universities can provide such an awesome class!

From the one getting help to the one helping, I am on the road to the American dream.

For more information on the MBA program, please contact the College of Business Office at or 716.286.8596.