The Heart of NU

by Vanessa Arieno on November 10, 2016
The Heart of NU

Hello, Purple Eagles!

How many of us look forward to grabbing a cup of coffee or a snack in Gally each day? After five semesters of being a student at NU, walking through Gally in between classes has never failed to be a highlight of my day. As soon as I walk through those front doors, I get an instant sensation of calmness and joy.

Gally is an honest representation of the vibe Niagara University brings to its campus. Everyone you see is laughing with friends, talking to professors, catching up on homework or just taking a break to relax before their next class. If you haven't noticed already, the couches seem be positioned in different directions on a daily basis, which is a great sight to see because it goes to show all of the people who come and spend their time there.

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Take a minute to imagine the amount of students and faculty who converse with each other.

Imagine all of the laughter and joy each conversation carries.

Imagine the amount of plans that are made just by bumping into a friend you haven't seen in a while. There is an overwhelming amount of contentment. Even when you don't plan on seeing anyone you know, there is always a familiar face you'll end up walking past and cheerfully waving to or even having a friendly conversation with.

Another popular spot in Gally is the Multi-Purpose room, where diverse groups of students and faculty get together to discuss a variety of topics. Last semester, I attended a meeting that the Black Student Union put together to talk about racial issues across the media.

Almost every day, there is a club, sport, Greek life organization, or a number of other entities that is fundraising for a charity or event that grabs your attention as soon as you walk through those doors.

Last semester, my sorority sisters and I were table-sitting with a poster we created for students and faculty to sign in hopes that everyone would pledge to end the "R" word. In just these few hours of table-sitting, I got the chance to catch up with past professors, explain the importance of my sorority and what we stand for, and get the attention of so many students who were curious about this cause.

Gally is also where several offices are located, including Campus Activities, NUSGA, Campus Ministry, International Relations, Student Affairs, Commuter Services, and Multicultural Affairs. And just upstairs is our hallowed basketball court.

As a building that brings its campus community so close together each and every day, the Gallagher Center is truly the heart of the school.