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TEFL Certificate of Study


A TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate of study is offered for students interested in teaching English abroad. The certificate of study is nine credit hours of instruction, and 20 hours of hands-on practice teaching English as a Second Language. The content of this certificate of study includes EDU 378: Foundations of Teaching English as a Second Language, EDU 380: Language and Linguistics in the ESL classroom, and EDU 435: Curricular Applications in Teaching English Language. This short-term training program will be offered through the International Relations/Brennan Center Office. For questions and to request program specific information, please contact the International Relations/Brennan Center directly at The certificate offered by Cambridge English Language Assessment, part of the University of Cambridge, is internationally recognized, highly respected and a benchmark for quality - it is the most recognized TEFL certificate course.

What can you expect?

To be able to:

  • Apply critical and analytical skills to effective English language use and to English language instruction.
  • Understand second language learning processes in diverse cultural and educational contexts.
  • Integrate technology into language instruction and materials development.
  • Evaluate language program effectiveness.
  • Apply knowledge of cross-cultural communication to teacher-student interactions, materials development, lesson plans, course design, community interactions, and assessment instruments.
  • Apply knowledge of theoretical and practical issues from applied linguistics and ESL methodology to innovative and effective English language teaching practices.