TEFL Certificate of Study


A TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate of study is offered for students interested in teaching English abroad. The certificate of study is nine (9) graduate credit hours and 135 hours of instruction. The content of this certificate of study includes foundations of Teaching English as a Second Language, language and linguistics in the ESL classroom, and content area methods for ESL classrooms. This short-term training program will be offered through the College of Education. The certificate offered by Cambridge English Language Assessment, part of the University of Cambridge, is internationally recognized, highly respected and a benchmark for quality – it is the most recognized TEFL certificate course.

What can you expect?

To be able to:

  • Apply critical and analytical skills to effective English language use and to English language instruction
  • Understand second language learning processes in diverse cultural and educational contexts 
  • Integrate technology into language instruction and materials development
  • Evaluate language program effectiveness
  • Apply knowledge of cross-cultural communication to teacher-student interactions, materials development, lesson plans, course design, community interactions, and assessment instruments
  • Apply knowledge of theoretical and practical issues from applied linguistics and ESL methodology to innovative and effective English language teaching practices